Its amazing how people can just be sperm and egg donors in the world and be so fake


(this is my response to the email below from the egg donor i did omit all names from all exchanges and replace with descriptions in parentesis)

You have never been a mother to me you have always treated me like I was your punching bag. And what do you not believe me that Stephan fucked me in your bed saying “oh my god Jesus Christ” when he cummed and then you never believed me and yet I am not supposed to have any hurt from that I am supposed to think you love and care about me when you still deny that you ever hurt me. When you kicked me as I cowered on the floor in the kitchen on pilling street and Grammy tried to stop you and you pushed her. I am supposed to just forget this stuff and move on when you refuse to even recognize the fact that you hurt me and refuse to recognize that you played a part in my trauma and why I now have issues instead you continue to deny everything refuse to take responsibility place the blame on me and try to make everyone believe this shit is all in my head including try to put it back on me telling me you do not believe there is anything you need to apologize for. Why would you not be sorry for hurting your child the way you have hurt me if you truly loved and cared about me. I hurt (my son) emotionally that and I apologized to him because I was sorry but that does not mean that he then has a right to do whatever he wants I have a right to parent him and discipline him without abusing him which is what i have been trying to do but you all continue interfering and i am not abusing him as you did to me and you also did to him. You think you walking away from me now is hurtful well you did that a long time ago. You walked out of my life when I was a child and only have been in my life recently and that is why I have never been able to let go because i do not trust you because you have always abandoned me. You have never been a mother you have always just been a fake in front of professionals just as you were with my son. But yet now want to act as if you know what is best for him when in fact all the years you were raising him you never got anywhere. But yet I am wrong with whatever I do. Look back at your parenting your teenagers and see that (my crimianlized jailburg brother, not the one my son is with) was in jail at 17 and in and out (until recently when he just turned 30), (my brother, the one my son is with currently and previously lived with) you left behind to go live your life when he was stable and wanted to finish highschool so at 16 he had to fend for himself, me you put me away in hospitals and residentials so you could screw my child up and did not have me there to open my mouth to people cause you always hated the fact that I did not like to keep my mouth shut to the professionals, and (my sister) you sent to the sperm donors because she was getting in trouble and you did not want to deal with it but yet you dealt with supporting you boyfriends for many years no matter which one it was they always came first not us kids. What kind of parent were you for a teenager? You were not a parent you cared about your men always before us and now that you are happy with life now you want to try and be a mom and expect me to forget about the rest of my life when you are in denial and refuse to even admit to the past. You expect 30 years of abuse and memoriies to be forgotten and erased just cause you want to deny it and refuse to acknowledge it to me. Take your truck and shove it up your fucking ass I do not need nothing from none of you. Alls I have needed is reall love, care, understanding, and support. I have not gotten that and never have. I do not need your fucking possesions, They do not give me what I need. they may fulfill the rest of the kids voids but why do you think they continue to ask for more. because it is only temporary fulfilment. That is why you are constantly buying shit cause you are empty and have a fucking void that needs to be filled and it will never be filled by possessions. You have never really been here for me anyways just like you never cared about me and never cared about my other 4 kids and still do not. You do not even remember their birthdays. You make me sick. Go shove (criminalized brother’s wife) up your ass cause you manipulated and purgered yourself in court for 2 child molesters, your son and her, why because you like child molesters. That is why you knew david who molested you supposedly as a teenager was then allowed to be around me and (my criminalized brother) with you knowing he was a child diddler and he molested us both for who knows how long. (but it was reported only after my brother told when we were 5 and 6. i was 6 he was 5 it had been happing atleast since i was 4 maybe before that). Just like you like child abusers because you are one yourself that is why it is okay with you for (my brother’s wife) to chase her kid down the hall with a knife and stab a wall and end up cutting her fingers off and you want my son living there after she already has previously abused him and her own kids cause she is just like you. You are a child abuser and you know it and that is why you are angry because the truth hurts and you are hurt because I put the truth in front of you and you do not like it. You let john (her ex boyfriend before stephan) hit us with a stud belt and leave marks across my legs that were like welts you hit me with curtains rods you kicked me in the head you have punched me but I am supposed to forget all this stuff because you want to live in denial and refuse to admit it and say “sorry”. I am supposed to suffer because you abused my son. You smacked him and he fell of the stool in Grammys house on 6th ave. you dragged him by his hair as you did to me when I was younger too because he would not get out of bed. You want to blame me for all (my sons) problems well I did not raise him you did so look at the similarities and stop trying to put the blame on me all the time and realize the fact is that you were his “parent” not me and that is why we both have issues and take some responsibility instead of constantly trying to place the blame on me do you not think you did that to me when I was a teenager enough. You constantly put me down telling me no one was ever going to want me, no one was ever going to wanna marry me because I was a tom boy and did not want to wear what you wanted me to wear and you still make comments about the way I dress, you told me I was stupid and would never amount to anything do you not see what damage you have done and do you still see to this day that you still effect me and hurt me. But then try to convince the professionals that all you have ever done is tried to be here for me and care but I do not let you. No wrong you manipulate the professionals. You did not come here to help me get my kids back you kept promising you would but did not. Then (my crimmanlized brother) put you himself and his newborn and (my brother) and his family and my son in danger with a psychopath and you sent him out here and now I owe a U-Haul bill for that. I got fucked As usual. Then (my crimminalized brother) came here while you had to move your job and sleep in a car and motels. Then I ended up in treatment and (my crimminalized brother) robbed my house again and what did you do stick up for him and he moved to (friends of family)and claimed (my ex husband) robbed it. Then he begged you to come here and it was not until he begged you that you came you did not come for me you came here for him because you rescue (my crimminalized brother) all the time you have never wanted me or my kids never cared about me or my kids you only did that last minute knowing they would say no because you had not been involved and you have not bothered since they have been gone. Not one card not one letter you do not even inquire about how they are you could care less about them. You only care about the other kids just as you had only care about the other kids when we were growing up. That is why you always beat me more than them. Once in a while you hit them but you never kicked them the way you kicked me. You never hit them the way you hit me and you never mentally and emotionally abused them the way you did me. You have always hated me and never cared about me from birth and you expect me to just forget about 30 years of that because you are now happy and for 2 years are trying to change the way you treat me but still deny my feelings and deny you hurt me and expect me to forget it instead of acknowledging my hurt and apologizing you deny the truth and still refuse to recognize your responsibility in hurting me and apologize. And you continue to claim you tried to help me get my kids when you did not and you claim to say you cared about my kids and loved them when you don’t because you don’t even think about them they don’t even get a fucking 50 cent card and 44 cent stamp to mail it to them. So fuck you. Keep supporting your criminal manipulative thief of a son up there and keep lying to yourself and everyone else. I do not need a “family” if that is what you all claim is a “family”.

Believe me come Friday after I talk to the court probation regarding (my son) and file the chins things will change. I already talked to social services. I am doing what I need to do. (my son) is fine at but I am not getting myself in any legal trouble because you all want to manipulate the system. Tomorrow I will go to the school department and talk with them because he does not live in the city and it is illegal for him to be going to that school and I am not going to get myself in trouble because you all want to be deceptive and manipulative. Sorry I do not need to be like you or your children. And I do not need to be like what you all are turning my son into. Good ridden when you croke make sure no one contacts me because I won’t give a fuck and I will be sure to make it well written that none of you are contacted regarding any of my medical needs, mental health needs, nor if I croke you all will not be contacted either. I do not love you at all. I cannot love someone who has done nothing in my life but hurt and abuse me and cause me pain and suffering for themselves. Consider me dead. I don’t care. I have wiped my hands with my sperm donor it won’t be hard to consider you an egg donor considering I have believed for years you found me on your doorstep anyways because you always treated me differently and like I did not matter anyways. Don’t look for me ever again. I hate you!

(this is an email I received from my egg donor today after leaving her voicemail regarding her abuse of me and my son and her blaming me for all his problems when in fact she raised him for 14 years and abused him physically at times as she did me. she also raised us both and we both have issues emotionally but she puts the blame for his issues on me claiming he has problems because of me and refuses to look at the contribution she played in raising both of us and the fact i have only had him for 2 years and yes the problems have just begun 4-5 weeks ago but his grades had improved and he had not been suspended in 2 years. now he has been at my brothers for 4 weeks and his grades have dropped and he has gotten suspended but because i threw her abusing him and i at her along with them trying to coherse my son telling him what to say if i get the courts involved telling her she is screwing him up just as she did all of us when we were his age she now wants to blame me and is disowning me.)

This is the last email you sent me, but apparently it meant nothing. I believe now you will never get over the past and move on to making yourself a better life. You can say anything to me now and I am not going to let it ruin my life. You are the one stuck in the past, I am not. I believed you tried to get (my son) home but, I feel that you have fucked up yourself and continue to blame me for everything that goes wrong in your life. It is you that keeps deciding to be that way and dwell on the negtive. Everytime I think we are trying to make a relationship, you fuck it up. I cant disagree with you about anything, and if I do I am everything in the book to you. Well, I guess it is time to say I love you again no matter what you say or believe and to say goodbye to you. Please give (my son) the car and (my brother) the keys and go on with your life the way you want. I have tried but I am done with the hateful, hurtful things you always say to me. I hope your life gets better for your sake, and (my son) remains in your life, but if you are not careful, you will be the one responsible for pushing him away. I am sorry for everything you feel but I am done (me). I will love you always in my heart, Mom

(this is the email the above the egg donor started her response to but this is an email i wrote to her back in april when we got into an argumnet and i brought up her denying the past abuse and her claiming some things never happened and acting as if it is all in my head and telling me she does not woe me an apology. I finally decide to just bite the bullet and let it go and try to just let her think she was right again as i have always done and this was what i wrote and when i wrote it she never responded but did start talking to me again where as she had not talked to me for like a month almost and when she did talk to me she would not talk about it.)

Over the past couple years I have felt that our relationship has gotten better and you and I have become closer. But I still have this void. I am still missing the things I lost as a child. I am still wanting to be nurtured, loved, cared for, I want to feel secure, I want all the things that I lost as a child and cannot get back but yet keep seeking it.

I also have some unresolved anger and still feel resentful from my childhood and teen years but do not know how to deal with it with you without causing you to be angry with me or making you feel as if I am trying to hurt you. So most of the time I just continue searching for answers and acknowledgment I cannot get from anyone but you and without communication either through writing or talking I will never get it. The biggest thing I have difficulty with is your not believing me about Stephen (her boyfriedn, my fathers half brother who she dated for 5 or 6 years) and I have never received any acknowledgement from you that you do believe he sexually abused me and repeatedly at that it was not just once but almost 4 years. That is what is most hurtful for me. I still go over and over our conversation regarding it when I told you and I relive that conversation in my mind over and over. Trying to figure out just what you were looking for to believe me. What kind of details did you want to know about how he had sex with me. There are things that I could tell you but those things are things I never wanted to tell anyone but in a conversation with (my sister) the other day I told her some of it. Things I would not know unless he had had sex with me. But when you and I had that conversation back when I was 16 I just told you he was uncircumcised and that was not enough for you. You told me “anyone could know that”. Then years later when I was an adult and we were arguing about it you told me if he had really sexually abused me then I would have pressed charges. It was your job to press charges I was a teenager and you were responsible for me. Well you know what now that I have come this far in my life and have progressed to a point where I am not afraid of the secrets inside even though I am just beginning to lose that fear I would press charges if I could but now I believe it is too late although have wonders whether or not if I found a way to be able to press the charges and have him arrested on the charges if maybe then you would believe me. Alls I have sought from you surrounding his repeated sexual violation and use of my body for his own needs is acknowledgment by you believing me and an apology for the hurt I have suffered because of your disbelief in me. I do not want an apology from you because I believe that him using me sexually was in any way your fault or because of you at all. I have never believed that Stephan’s sexual abuse of me was your fault. You had to work you worked long hours to support us no one helped you and you did the best you could regarding that issue. I do not place blame on you at all for it happening. I actually in many ways believe it is my fault that I allowed it to happen knowing from a little girl and being in therapy many years before it happened and during it happening that it was wrong for a grown man to touch me but yet I did not say anything. I let it happen. I did not tell anyone and in some ways I liked the fact that he treated me better than the rest of the kids and bought me cigarettes and gave me money. he also stuck up for me when you were abusing me physically and that is partly why I kept my mouth shut too. I have a lot of my own guilt surrounding it to work through and I still do not believe that I am not partially to blame for it happening and for it continuing to happening for as long as it did.

Mom I am sorry if I have hurt you by any of this. It is not my intention to hurt you but to express to you how I am feeling and the hurt inside me. I am sorry for being unable to effective communicate with you and instead only being able to express my hurt inside when you are already disappointed and angry with me for something I have done. But understand the pain and hurt I have is not just there when you are angry with me or disappointed me. It is there all the time I just find I can only bring it up at those times and I do not bring it up to accuse you of me fucking up presently.

I am going to let you go for now but hope that this helps with some understanding and maybe opens some communication between you and I . I hope that this email does not cause you more hurt than I have already caused recently and want you to know I sincerely did not intend to hurt you. These are things That are always here in my mind, heart, and soul but not always am I able to address them with you. I am working on things in my life and hope that you are willing to work on some of these things with me or I may just have to work on what I can and accept that I might not ever get the belief, apology, and acknowledgment I seek.



email i sent about my distress and self destruction


I wish I could make all of you all see that my life is not worth the effort and time people and society waste on me. The amount of money for my shortest least medical risked hospitalization I had this year which was the one at the very end of march I was billed for more than $9,000 by Lynchburg general hospital but then the insurance must have finally paid it because after arguing with them several times I have not heard from then since. From my understanding my overdose in February and in June must have been much more expensive than that and if not even so that alone just in those 3 times that is saying that roughly $30,000 has been wasted of taxpayers’ money. That does not include; my medication I am now prescribed, my mental health support payments to ehs, my psychiatrist payments to ehs, my payments to csb for what they claimed to be treatment such as therapy psychiatry and case management; and I am saying just the monetary value of taxpayers’ money being wasted on a worthless life just in the last 10 months not including the factors of wasted effort, care, understanding, concern, and the distress placed upon people who must work with me. it just puts way too much value into a no-good nothing who will never be productive in society and who these resources should not be wasted on. Resources are hard to come by in life and so why is it being wasted on something such as me? Why must society waste their time and effort on a low life such as I when in fact all this could be used elsewhere on deserving individuals who want something more and want to live. People who someday will be worth the money, effort, care, time, and stress. Why Not just stop wasting time services and money on me.

I am not saying that Jane has not helped me tremendously as over the past few months I have gone through a lot with taking my trip to my families and then the emotions coming from stuff like that. She has supported me through difficulties with my landlords and helped me meet with them and express my concerns regarding my lease terms and difficulties with the new neighbors. She also has put up with my unjustifiable anger towards her and not walked away from me as she should have. Jane has supported me and urged me to continue taking my medication even when I don’t want and when I choose not to she still stands by me no matter what my decision has been. She has helped me many times with my hopeless feelings and helped me see some glimpses of hope. We have shared some peaceful moments in the community and doing community activities. She has linked me to services and helped me with things that has been difficult by encouraging me to do things even when I feel unmotivated especially lately when all I want to do is stay in bed she comes and so I have no choice but to make sure I get up. Well not that if I laid there in bed she could do anything really about it but just the fact of her consistency in my life has helped. With all that is happening my life feels so hopeless and though I continue to want to die recently the past week daily every waking hour and I plan the right moment I will do this when she comes here she helps me see more than these thoughts and feelings. She helps me realize that not always do I feel this way even when I feel it is like this always and though it may seem to me it is more and more it also is more and more where there are moment s that I am able to enjoy things in life such as the outdoors, fishing or walking in the woods while talking, I do have more moments than I used to that I can say where I enjoy life but life is still pointless.

My life is falling apart. I am facing criminal charges for my own stupidity and inability to stay away from unhealthy and destructive relationships even when I recognize that the relationship is causing me too much harm and is eventually going to end. I do try to take steps and use skills I have learned including communication skills and the sorts to express what is going on and how things are effecting me and I do try to walk away from things before it gets to points such as this incidence but with all the anger I had been unable to control recently I lost it as I used to. I thought I had learned to control that and only had learned how to take the blame for everything including everyone else’s behaviors and choices and now I face consequences for my own behaviors and choices. I also am having difficulties with my son and now allowed my mouth to hurt him and he won’t come home. I fear if I force him home he will runaway anyways or he will have my mother or brother go to court and take him from me which will not be hard since I have been in the medical hospital for mental health issues 3 times this year and alls he has o do is tell the judge he no longer wants to live with me and he wants to go back with them and that will be that. Then the difficulties with the landlord and the lease issues have now turned into me having to move and I have been giving a 30 day notice to move. Where will I go? I may be on medication that is helping me not take my life somewhat and Jane seeing me consistently helps keep me stable for the time but what will I do ultimately. It seems when I am trying to do as all you professionals claim I need to do to better my life such as take medication I seem to be very angry outwardly rather than inwardly. I feel more anxiety and as if things in my life just are getting worse and I am sitting here doing nothing but accepting all this shit. Though I want to kill myself and I have these pills here that should do me in I just do not feel like I have much in me right now left. I feel like there really is nothing left of me. I am just a shell full of anger and rage at the world with no energy to get rid of it. I contemplate everyday whether to continue these medications as I feel they are holding me back right at this moment from having the energy I need to complete my long 32 years of misery and make this all end for everyone involved.

My son Corey, will be better in the long run as he will never have to deal with me emotionally hurting him or telling him to go away again. He will be able to keep the freedom he has and get the freedom he desires. My mother will be free from the burden of helping me when I am distressed fearing if she does not offer then I will end up attempting to take my life but won’t succeed and then she feels guilty, my siblings will be free of the extra stress me being alive puts on them by hearing my mother complaining about what happens here with me. Corey may then decide to stop acting like me against authority figures in school as I am not a discouragement towards his antiauthority behavior he has in school nor am I helpful and have the answers his day treatment counselor seeks from me regularly. If I had the answers then I would be doing it and he would not have them for services but then why am I the one who am looked to for the answers and looked at as like the problem as if I am the one who has done something wrong when in fact I did not raise him and he has only been under my care for 2 years and has never been suspended so I must have had been doing something right for him until recently. But that’s all over with now anyways and he will ultimately be better off with me gone from his life. My son Daniel is the one I worry about the most as he is the oldest of the 4 I have no rights to and he’s the one who may never get adopted but is in a foster home with foster parents. He is the one I worry may ultimately be most impacted by my choice to end my suffering when he seeks me out as he turns of age. I worry he will feel I did not love him enough to keep fighting for him back when I chose not to continue the appeals and then I chose to not wait for him and fighting life waiting for him and that is my fear but in the end when he is an adult and comes to understand that I was never going to get anywhere and would always be miserable and worthless and useless even when he sought me out I hope that he will then realize I loved him and wanted better for him when he grew into a man and so I would rather not be here living suffering still when he grew up. The 2 girls are together and though Autumn was old enough to remember I hope Winter will never remember me and will always only have memories of her adoptive family and so I hope that they keep each other safe and are able to help each other throughout life be stronger women than I have ever or would have ever been. My youngest son may have some vague memories of me but I doubt it and just want for him to forget me as he has a mother who will give him more than I ever could. She hates me and I am sure both sets of adoptive families will teach my children that I was useless and that they will hate me anyways. And so though I desire and yearn to be better for them when they grew older it has been over 4 years now and I still am no different. I am going to be homeless soon as I was back when I fought for them. I am facing criminal charges that could land me in jail and I could get jail time. I most definitely am getting a criminal record out of this because I am not a liar and though the other person involved can lie to any and everyone and swear on their mothers grave and the bible though I am not religious I still will not lie nor sear on peoples life’s or graves or urns or whatever even when telling the truth I would rather just be trusted and tell the truth and so I am not going to lie in court as I did not lie to the police or the magistrate when I went there. I told the truth. I admitted to my wrongs. I also told them I would do it again to if I saw what I saw the many times I saw things happen there at that house. And so I have to deal with the consequences from that choice though I also see a correlation between the fact that in the past when I have been medicated by psychiatrists I have had anger problems outwardly too but when not on medication I more have anger problems inwardly and am able to let my anger and frustrations with others go much easier or to not let their behaviors bother me as much. And more recently I have gotten myself into a pattern of not caring about other issues that in the past I would greatly care about and would cause me so much distress when I placed myself into those situations that I would want to die or hurt myself because of the guilt and shame I felt. Now I just go do the shit and don’t care. I don’t care about the mental effects it causes me and I keep them to myself allowing them to race through my mind. I don’t care about the dangers I am placing myself into. I don’t care about the long term consequences the choices could have which are all things that have been issues for me in the past and I have been in this mode in the past though I can say that it has been a medication thing or not but I just more think the distress, shame, and guilt is not there because of the meds which is a positive in a way but also a big negative because I don’t care about any of the consequences and so I just let whatever happen and do whatever just don’t care. My life is crumbling around me and the water is getting deeper but yet my raft I am floating on is dwindling. And so I have decided maybe I don’t need these pills as much as they are helpful they are also harmful and are keeping me suffering here in life. I am not living though. I don’t have a life. I may be breathing, I may have a heartbeat and they may detect some sort of brainwaves in my head though I am not sure anymore. I am only managing with the help of Jane I am doing all these things but I don’t want to manage. If I cannot live then there is no point in breathing, letting my heart beat, or my brain to continue telling the rest of my organs to keep going. So I stopped my meds yesterday. It is just as damaging for me to take them as it is for me not to take them in my opinion. So I don’t care Everything in my life is falling apart and my life is not worth all this money he system pays to medical providers to keep saving. So ask that if I am found when I decide to let go of life for no one to interfere. I ask that you realize what value there is in Jane as she has helped me so much lately when I have been distressed from all that has been happening and she has supported me encouraged me and worked with me to feel better, to motivate, she has taught me how to trust and that people can care about people without hurting them. Jane is helpful and none of it will ever be because she did or said the wrong thing to me. I do know none of you will never understand but I hope that you will realize someday that I was long gone and a lost cause way before any of you were ever involved in my life. I was destined to die young or live in misery till I am old which would you choose. Die young while people can still speak good things about you and possible leave them hopefully leave them with some positive good lasting memories of you or stay living angrily being miserable and causing everyone to hate you and no one to want to remember you or wanting to even show up at your funeral. You know my choice and just think of it from my point.

At this time I am not immediately going to kill myself so do not get any of your bright ideas of having me eco’d or tdo’d because I am just writing to wanting to express how I feel about things and let you know where I stand on life. I want people to realize that I am a waste of time, money, and resources. I want you to see realize and understand that I struggle and though it gets hard and rough at times there have been some better experiences in my life since my worker was changed 14 months ago. So ask does that mean I keep going that it will definitely get better more and more, no I doubt that since in the last 3 weeks everything around me in my life has falling apart though I am managing it. Maybe if I did not have a mental health worker I trusted and who could help me motivate and get out of bed when all I want to do is sleep then maybe I would already be dead. Maybe I would have taken all those pills a week ago. Maybe if I was not taking the medication I was taking until yesterday I would be in worse shape and then maybe the rest of the services would not help me but I doubt the medication has that much power since the meds are meds I have been on previous and in combination before and alls I see they do for me is cause me more anxiety, make me paranoid or the symptom of paranoia from my BPD come out in me more prominently that I recognize it and it is bothersome to me, make me not care about things I was ashamed of previously and felt guilty for when I did place myself in those situations, and helped me feel my pent up anger and outwardly express it more rather than blame myself or let others blame me and me accept the blame but yet they also have helped my thinking to slow down
and my impulsivity to lesson. They have helped me rationally and emotionally think more in combination so I use my wise mind regarding suicide and self harm and drugs use but not other dangerous behaviors that are impulsive, dangerous, emotionally, mentally, and possibly medically harmful to me. So how long do you think they will take to be completely gone from my system and I can get back to being me and feeling the way I should and being who I really am meant to be?

Well I hope this is helpful to you to understand where I am coming from and what happens. I called the other day just because I knew I needed someone to understand me more than just Jane. I mean she understands to a point but not sure she understands just as I am sure the same goes for you. Will anyone ever fully understand. Nope. Do people try to understand sometimes. Sometimes people do not care enough to try. Sometimes they realize I am not worth their time. Maybe you fit into one category but who knows. I may never know just as all the fakes in my life previously have led me to believe they cared and turned and left me and lied claiming they would not. Lied well anyways I am just struggling and sometimes I just need to talk to more than just Jane I guess and so I called and I have learned to work with you. There was a time when I could not trust you and said I would never talk to you ever again. Now when I feel I am struggling and Jane is not available or I need someone else besides her you are the one I run to. Yeah I talk to family about my stressors but from a rational point rather than an emotional or wise mind point. So I will leave you be and hopefully tonight I will sleep as last night I was up and not home until I came home at 4:30 in the morning and then the night before I did not sleep at all and slept about 3 hours Saturday to make it up. My sleep has been messed up and disturbed all week but I guess it won’t matter too much. Well hope you understand better and life never treats you as it has me. I hope you a long and prosperous life and that when things look as despairing as mine does you have someone to call or write to too.


Been lied to and unsure how to precede but I am hurt the damage is done

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...

This is a “thought bubble”. It is an illustration depicting thought. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There has to be some simple explanation. This really cannot happen. I had some comfort in knowing that I had found someone in the world who may have really been trustworthy and who might actually have cared and tried to understand as best they could. This has run through my mind several times since that day but only tonight has it really hit me to a point that I realize the damage and its true effects. Where there is one lie there is always another and with that second lie I heard I will not ever know what is the truth and what is a lie anymore. In the past I have thought a few times there were some questionable things where I thought I was being lied to but there was nothing I could do and really not much of a way I could prove it to myself that I had been lied to blatantly and purposely.

Now I am and have been trying so hard to figure a wy to explain these 2 lies away. One is completely none of my business but I do have proof that I was blatantly lied to straight to my face by the only person I believed did not have it in them to hurt me that way knowing how I felt about lies and how hurt I have been by lies in my past. I have tried to talk myself out of facing the truth of being lied to because I care so much and feel great value in the person who done this to me. I do know though if I were to turn a blind eye to it will not get any better and my anger is going to continue to keep building until I explode and it will keep repeating itself until that person walks away from me or I am dead. unless there is someway of resolving this and rebuilding the damaged trust they had earned and I mean they really earned it I did not give them any bit of it freely. They worked very hard to break through the walls I had built only to break that trust over someone protecting someones else.

I guess that is part of the cycles. the cycle of abuse along with codependence, caretaking, and protection of abusers instead of the abused. So how do I proceed from here? i feel this is going to take me over the edge. I am so hurt. Then to top it all off i called my previous therapist up the other day while I was struggling over some issues and contemplating some suicidal thinking asking if she would ever see me as a client again where as I ended the therapy feeling as if it was no longing progressing and had been saying that for about 2 years. i had been saying therapy was unproductive and no longer beneficial and requesting for a change in therapist for a couple of years never to receive one then finally I forced them into closing my case at there agency and have not been in therapy since. But with the last overdose and the recent struggle and my immediate thoughts of wanting to die I called her. I had written to her a week or so before this and got no response to the email. Well she at the time of termination advised against it but yet now says I made the right decision and that therapy had not progressed and that she would not see me now as we had too much past interferences in which we struggled to get through and it hindered my treatment and she felt I should try to go get a different therapist in the community rather than one in their agency since I had so much resentment against that agency regarding the loss of my children. So she rejected me and pretty much does not want me and showed to me she never really cared anyways about me. Now I am feeling as if my current person in my life is just the same a pretender and fake, Someone who will to my face pretend and say they are going to help but when it comes down to it do nothing to help except pawn me off to others or force me to keeping living in this miserable world instead of realizing there is no reason for me to keep going on in this fucked up life and letting me kill myself. why is it that they will not see my pain and understand why I must do what I desire to do? why is it they claim it is such a selfish act but yet they do not see that they are being just as selfish by forcing me to continue living and breathing in misery? can they not see people and the world will be better without me? Can people not see there is no one who will really not miss me? If they lie about somethings then they must also be lying about how much they would be bothered by me dying. And so I begin my planning. I will go being payments on a cemetery plot this week, then I will look into buying myself a headstone for my cemetery plot, and then I will make the arrangements for my death and take my life at my own hands. fuck it forget what they all claim and forget about their lies because that’s all it is out of their mouths and I am starting to think that’s all it ever was. Just an act sitting at the hospital while I layed their after overdosing where you really there or did you leave and claim you were there just cause i would never remember anyways. Did you just do all that for the extra hours you got paid because I realize now that the trust you earned was built on falseness and so I was manipulated again by another manipulator in my life. How much more did you plan on manipulating me out of before thinking I wouldn’t realize or that I would let it go as long as I believed you cared about me and you pretended you cared and I mattered. But I never have and never did. Well guess what you should have let me die. I wanted to die and I should be dead right now why did you make me stay alive. I wanna die. Let me die.

triggered emotions but unsure what lots of thoughts


Today was my nieces birthday. We had a party for her. There was lots of family there. My sperm donor even showed up. It was really difficult for me since I had not seen him since my youngest child who is now 6 1/2 years old was about a month old. I got to see m,y baby sister who is 12 years old also but we did not say much to each other though I said bye and gave her a hug before I left. while they were there and I was still there I retreated downstairs to my sister’s room to work on her computer as I felt very uncomfortable and really did not want to be around them.

First off he sat next to me and did not even acknowledge me for about 5-8 minutes after getting there. then he says oh hi did not recognize and realize that was you. He then went about chatting with everyone else. About half hour later he introduces me and the rest of us to his friend who drove him there. It was then that I eased my way downstairs into retreat. I disappeared until it was time for me to leave. I then said my goodbyes. that may have been my final goodbye to him and I kept it simple and really did not even hug him but vaguely as I do not love him nor have any positive feelings for him. I have no respect no sympathy for him and do not really care that he is dying. I really do not care. I honestly will not cry and I will not attend his funeral when he passes away as I do not consider him to be my DAD nor do I consider him even worthy enough to be called a father to me. He is nothing but a SPERM DONOR. I wish and hope that someday I am able to even prove he is not even that to me as they is a slight possibility he is not even that to me. I can only hope and pray he is not but I cannot be that lucky. Maybe someday I will be fortunate enough to be told I was never his and I am my mothers first true loves child who is also her current husband and they are happily married after being separated for 30 years and leading separate marriages and lives they got back together and got married. I hope and wish I am his. But they wont help me find out and I am not sure why they wont. I od not want to be my sperm donors nor do I want to be the other possibility who is a child molester and messed up my life and molested my mom, my brother, and many others including me as a child. I want to be her current husbands who was her highschool love. But unfortunately I am never that lucky in life. I am never good enough to have been his. Maybe I am the child molesters and that is why she has hated me and abused me mentally, emotionally, and physically my whole life. Maybe that is why she hates me and treats me as an outcast. Maybe that is why she has always shown the other 3 kids of hers more love and that they are cared about but yet has shown me hatred. Maybe I am the makings of the evilness of the child diddler who also fucked up my life as a young child. The one who she allowed near me after he had molested her as a teenager. So in my opinion she caused my molestation and my brothers. She allowed it to occur knowing what he had done to her she should have never allowed him near us never mind alone with us.

Why is it that so many people live in denial as to their responsiblity in a child’s life. Why is it that people believe that they have no responsibility in what happens to children if they did not do it themselves. what if they knew about it? What if they saw it happen? What if they did nothing about knowing about it or seeing it? Would they not be somewhat to blame for that childs difficulties as they got older since they could have put a stop to it or helped that child get away from it or get help for it? Why is it that so many people turn a blind eye or think that is not their duty, responsibility, or job to protect, help, or save a child from abuse, whether it be sexual, physical, emotional, or mental abuse? Why is it so many people can claim to be against abuse but yet do nothing about it or turn around and do the very things that they claim they are against? Why is it that some children and families receive help and take advantage of the system and others do not get any help? Why is it that some families secrets are kept hidden and the children end up fucked up and damaged the rest of their lives like me and then others get help and are oka and able to go on living productive un eventful forgiving resentful manageable stable lives? Why can’t I have my kids? Why can’t I see my kids or have pictures of them? Why cant I just hear their voices? I just want them in my lives. I just want to be in their lives. I miss them alot!


The anger I feel

This week has been a very different week for me though yesterday and today has been rough it has not been easy it has been okay. Today has been difficult but I have almost made it through and the day is almost done. I am going to write this and then lay down as I have an early morning with a friend of mine needing some help and picking me p at 7 am to go help her start packing up her house.

I did do some writing this week but did not post them to my blog yet as some of it is sensitive material and some f it just may not be appropriate for the public’s eyes though I may just post them just for some feed back as tonight has been difficult for me as I have obsessed over yesterdays incidents and it boiled over into today and ended up contributing to an already difficult time for me. Instead of managing it as I planned I allowed my emotions to get in the way and was unable able to stay in control of myself and let myself not stay silent as I had said to myself I was going to do last night. I was hoping I was going to handle saying goodbye to my mental health worker as she left for vacation but instead my anger, which really has nothing to do with, or relationship got in the way. A big part of it s the fact that goodbyes are not good for me and separations are not good for me as it is hard for me to trust people will come back as so many people have left me behind and so many people have lied to me in the past. So many people have betrayed me. However, I allow things with other people to interfere in my treatment and I allow her reaction and treatment methods of other clients to effect my emotions and trust in her. I wrote about some of it last night. I may just move that post to another of my blogs as to not interfere with this one.

I was always involved in a system that failed me as a child. Now I sit and watch as the system failed to help me keep my family together. Yes, I had my faults. Yes, I got angry and frustrated at things my children did and how they behaved. I reacted at times in ways I wish I could have changed. I stayed in a relationship with my children’s father in which both of us should not have stayed together. We both were abusive towards each other, held resentments, had anger issues, and had no control over our emotions and reacted in abusive manners toward each other. Our abusiveness towards each other was harmful to our children, emotion and mentally. We were both neglectful in caring for the children’s psychological, mental, and emotional needs as we abused each other mentally, emotionally, and physically in their presence. My house was never clean and my children knew how to manipulate me to get their way most of the time. But I was a work in progress and I was always able to say I needed help, I could not do it by myself, I recognized the need for change in their lives even if things did not immediately change for the good I was always trying new things and making an effort to address what was happening in my home, I was honest with people, I never encouraged my kids to lie, I never told my kids they were liars, I never abused my kids or called them names or criticized them, and when my husband laid his hands on my children the 3 times I remember we got into severe physical altercations where I made a point to let him know I disapproved of my children being abused or disciplined physically in nature. I may not have taught my children the best ways of dealing with altercations as violence is never the best way to deal with anger and you should never tell a child not to hit and then hit but as I said earlier I had my faults and so I do understand some things to a degree.

I was raised in a system. My life consisted of being failed by the system and then the system failed to help me when I needed help in raising my own child and so the cycle continued with my children. Nevertheless, there are people who claim to want their children and then act as if they could care less about them. People anger me in the system who are there to help people change their lives and who should be protecting the children whether they are the child’s worker or the parents worker and instead they minimize the parent responsibilities and act as if it is the child’s fault what is going on. I feel as if I am reliving some of what I experienced in my own life and it is 27 years later when things have supposedly changed for the better in this world. People are supposedly better at recognizing the signs and effects abuse and neglect has on children and their responsibilities to the children in the world not just to the parents. It is not just a parents responsibility to raise a child nowadays it is the publics responsibility to protect that child if they witness that child’s abuse, neglect, or need for help.

Therefore, I have allowed myself to be hindered by some recent incidents that occurred and the anger seems to be over taken me. However, not just because of the events that occurred and in this moment I am sitting here able to recognize why I am so angered by what occurred. I am angered more about the fact that though I had many people in my life that could have helped me and should have seen what was happening and been able to protect me they did not. They could not read my mind. They could not help me because I stayed silent. I allowed the secrets to stay a secret and no one saw any of the signs or recognized my pain. No one helped me when I needed help as a child, as a teenager, as a wife, as a young mother, as a struggling, angry hurt distressed parent afraid to lose the only thing that mattered in my life. No one helped me. No protected me from losing my world, my life. They are gone. My life has been stolen. My life was stolen. I suffer a lot. Suffer many days. I do not suffer everyday as I did in the past but there are many days I suffer in silence. I still have many secrets that no one has ever cared enough to help me through. I still hold my secrets that I have held for many years and maybe I will die with them inside me. Maybe they will stay buried deep within or maybe someday there will be someone in my life with who I am able to work through this all and someday I will no longer get so angry over such issues, maybe I will not get so obsessed and feel so hurt when people do not care. Maybe I will care enough about myself and my life to make something of myself.

definition of a mandated reporter in virginia

63.2-1509. Physicians, nurses, teachers, etc., to report certain injuries o children; penalty for failure to report. /section> section> . The following persons who, in their professional or official capacity, ave reason to suspect that a child is an abused or neglected child, shall eport the matter immediately to the local department of the county or city herein the child resides or wherein the abuse or neglect is believed to have ccurred or to the Department’s toll-free child abuse and neglect hotline: /section> section> . Any person licensed to practice medicine or any of the healing arts; /section> section> . Any hospital resident or intern, and any person employed in the nursing rofession; /section> section> . Any person employed as a social worker; /section> section> . Any probation officer; /section> section> . Any teacher or other person employed in a public or private school, indergarten or nursery school; /section> section> . Any person providing full-time or part-time child care for pay on a egularly planned basis; /section> section> . Any mental health professional; /section> section> . Any law-enforcement officer or animal control officer; /section> section> . Any mediator eligible to receive court referrals pursuant to § 8.01-576.8; /section> section> 0. Any professional staff person, not previously enumerated, employed by a rivate or state-operated hospital, institution or facility to which children ave been committed or where children have been placed for care and treatment; /section> section> 1. Any person associated with or employed by any private organization esponsible for the care, custody or control of children; /section> section> 2. Any person who is designated a court-appointed special advocate pursuant o Article 5 (§ 9.1-151 et seq.) of Chapter 1 of Title 9.1; /section> section> 3. Any person, over the age of 18 years, who has received training approved y the Department of Social Services for the purposes of recognizing and eporting child abuse and neglect; /section> section> 4. Any person employed by a local department as defined in § 63.2-100 who etermines eligibility for public assistance; and /section> section> 5. Any emergency medical services personnel certified by the Board of Health ursuant to § 32.1-111.5, unless such personnel immediately reports the atter directly to the attending physician at the hospital to which the child s transported, who shall make such report forthwith. /section> section> his subsection shall not apply to any regular minister, priest, rabbi, imam, r duly accredited practitioner of any religious organization or denomination sually referred to as a church as it relates to (i) information required by he doctrine of the religious organization or denomination to be kept in a onfidential manner or (ii) information that would be subject to § 8.01-400 r 19.2-271.3 if offered as evidence in court. /section> section> f neither the locality in which the child resides nor where the abuse or eglect is believed to have occurred is known, then such report shall be made o the local department of the county or city where the abuse or neglect was iscovered or to the Department’s toll-free child abuse and neglect hotline. /section> section> f an employee of the local department is suspected of abusing or neglecting child, the report shall be made to the court of the county or city where he abuse or neglect was discovered. Upon receipt of such a report by the ourt, the judge shall assign the report to a local department that is not he employer of the suspected employee for investigation or family ssessment. The judge may consult with the Department in selecting a local epartment to respond to the report or the complaint. /section> section> f the information is received by a teacher, staff member, resident, intern r nurse in the course of professional services in a hospital, school or imilar institution, such person may, in place of said report, immediately otify the person in charge of the institution or department, or his esignee, who shall make such report forthwith. /section> section> he initial report may be an oral report but such report shall be reduced to riting by the child abuse coordinator of the local department on a form rescribed by the Board. Any person required to make the report pursuant to his subsection shall disclose all information that is the basis for his uspicion of abuse or neglect of the child and, upon request, shall make vailable to the child-protective services coordinator and the local epartment, which is the agency of jurisdiction, any information, records, or eports that document the basis for the report. All persons required by this ubsection to report suspected abuse or neglect who maintain a record of a hild who is the subject of such a report shall cooperate with the nvestigating agency and shall make related information, records and reports vailable to the investigating agency unless such disclosure violates the ederal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. § 1232g). rovision of such information, records, and reports by a health care provider hall not be prohibited by § 8.01-399. Criminal investigative reports eceived from law-enforcement agencies shall not be further disseminated by he investigating agency nor shall they be subject to public disclosure. /section> section> . For purposes of subsection A, “reason to suspect that a child is abused r neglected” shall include (i) a finding made by an attending physician ithin seven days of a child’s birth that the results of a blood or urine est conducted within 48 hours of the birth of the child indicate the resence of a controlled substance not prescribed for the mother by a hysician; (ii) a finding by an attending physician made within 48 hours of a hild’s birth that the child was born dependent on a controlled substance hich was not prescribed by a physician for the mother and has demonstrated ithdrawal symptoms; (iii) a diagnosis by an attending physician made within even days of a child’s birth that the child has an illness, disease or ondition which, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, is attributable o in utero exposure to a controlled substance which was not prescribed by a hysician for the mother or the child; or (iv) a diagnosis by an attending hysician made within seven days of a child’s birth that the child has fetal lcohol syndrome attributable to in utero exposure to alcohol. When “reason o suspect” is based upon this subsection, such fact shall be included in he report along with the facts relied upon by the person making the report. /section> section> . Any person who makes a report or provides records or information pursuant o subsection A or who testifies in any judicial proceeding arising from such eport, records, or information shall be immune from any civil or criminal iability or administrative penalty or sanction on account of such report, ecords, information, or testimony, unless such person acted in bad faith or ith malicious purpose. /section> section> . Any person required to file a report pursuant to this section who fails to o so within 72 hours of his first suspicion of child abuse or neglect shall e fined not more than $500 for the first failure and for any subsequent ailures not less than $100 nor more than $1,000. /section> history> 1975, c. 341, § 63.1-248.3; 1976, c. 348; 1978, c. 747; 1993, c. 443; 1994, . 840; 1995, c. 810; 1998, cc. 704, 716; 1999, c. 606; 2000, c. 500; 2001, . 853; 2002, cc. 747, 860; 2006, cc. 530, 801; 2008, cc. 43, 268.) /history>

The day was great until the moment of ruin

So today, I was having a great day. I had a nice cookout with some “friends” and our mental health support worker. She leaves tomorrow for an 11-day vacation to visit her family and celebrate her 50th Birthday. What a milestone that is in someone’s life considering I am not sure I will ever make it that far or long in life. Overall, it was a really nice time and I enjoyed myself and had a great time spending time with one of their 5-year-old sons. We climbed the tree and I hope he had fun too. As there really was no entertainment for him but I tried to make it fun for him also. I no longer have my ids so I no longer have toys for his age as I ridded myself of all the toys finally after lugging them around for so long. The last of them went right before I moved into this building last year. I held onto them way too long after my kids were long gone but finally had enough closure I was able to let go of them and sometimes regret it but I did it and it was therapeutic when I got rid of the last one before moving here which was my son Daniel’s remote control truck I had bought him for his Birthday in 2006.

So anyways my enjoyment stopped when the it was time for the child and his mother to leave and she was not paying attention to him and listening when he was trying to tell her something as she was talking to me and had the food in her hand that I was sending home with them and her laptop in her other hand. He pulled on her arm to get her attention and she dropped the food and in angered yelled at him and hit him. I was very angry with her and saddened. She them turned to me and told me well there it is you will have to pick it up I will call you later and walked away yelling at the child about the food after she had just abused him. I was angry with her. I was saddened for the child. This was not the first time I have seen her do this but this was the first time she had publically done this to him in front of a counselor and other people who did not really know plus it was at my home and she acted as if she really did not care.

She later called me to apologize for her hitting her son and tried to lie to me saying it was the first time and she did not know why she had done it. However, in fact I had seen her do it two other times to him but at her home. I am angered even more by her denial of her behaviors towards her child and her belief in her innocence as she reminds me so much of my mother and my ex husband who belied his own lies once he told them. I am also angered by my mental health workers lack of action at this other clients abusive behavior in front of her towards her child and it feels just as it felt when I was younger and my mother told everyone what was going on and they listened and did not look at the signs of my behavior and instead just listened to my mother’s manipulative words. The worker believes this person is naive and innocence and easily taken advantage of and manipulated when in fact she is the manipulative, takes advantage of, devious, lying, person that she has people believing happens to her so often as she uses marijuana more and more and cares less and less about her child. Her life is falling apart quickly and seems to be going down the drain fast but yet I cannot stop it. I cannot do anything about it as she is in denial and she is lying to herself and everyone around her. She is manipulating her son, her workers, her life, and her child’s life. I cannot change her, I cannot change the workers in her or her child’s life, and I cannot change the system. Nevertheless, I must change my own stress, reaction, and how I cope with all this as it is destroying me more and more. I become angrier each encounter I experience and it seems to get worse than the one before.