new ideas and desires, new goals

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok so I have some new things I am looking at and think I want to work on in my life. One of which is my lack of being able to communicate face to face with verbal words with others. It is even hard with the person in my life that I trust the most and she is the person in my life who has never hurt me purposely nor tried to harm me in anyway and cares a whole lot about me I think. It still interferes greatly in my communication and emotional responses to things she says or the thinking process of my life. And so I have decided this is something I really want to work on and address with her. But after doing it in my relationship with her and being able to effectively verbally communicate with her I want to be able to verbally communicate effectively with others in my life and then take it a step further and verbally communicate with everyone.

Then there is the goal that I have decided to work on the building of my life story and work through and process my memories of my childhood and my life leading up till now that has left me to who I am now. I have decided to do this by processing it with pictures, writing, and talking through it. I need to go through the emotions, the thoughts, the experiences that I have avoided feeling, the grief and pain of the losses, the shame, the sadness, along with some of the joys that I did not experience back when i should have. i have decided that I need to be bale to do this at my pace but also with the help from someone else with the urge to move through it instead of avoiding it and running from it when it gets too much for me as I have done in the past. I want to work through it and get through the tunnel of darkness and find the light at the end. I want to experience what others claim I can someday find. i want to someday have the hope that is buried inside me that at times I see glimpses of and it disappears faster than it came and I sometimes believe it was never there. I want to take responsibility for my part of my life where i am responsible for and leave blame and responsibility on the people who are to blame and who were responsible for their parts on them but yet it is hard when the responsibility feels as if most of it was mine and so this is something I really want to work on and adjust in my mind and determine and decide who is responsible and why or why not I am responsible as others claim some of it I am not responsible for but i believe I am and so I feel conflicted. Then there is also my own childrens neglect and the abuse they experienced that I want to work on and work through. I want to trust enough to let my guard down and allow someone to help me through this without doibng what I do best and running and using techniques such as getting angry with that person, finding ways to sabotage the relationship, trying to force them into to leaving, trying to find away into needing to be put away, sabotaging my life, becoming too emotionally unstable and suicidal by triggering anxiety, getting involved in other people’s chaos life issues drugs self-injury or anything to help me avoid facing and dealing with what I truly need to and at this time want to work on. And so as I sit here and write this knowing that though I will at some point battle and fight this I know it is what is needed and what is in the long run best. I know it is what is needed for me to become who ultimately I desire to become. I know it is the way I am going to find the light and the hope i need in life otherwise I may end up dead. And so I need to start working on this stuff. I am taking a stance as I have begun this journey though scary I have started. I took pictures of some of the places I have lived and some of the places where some abuse started, took place, where I whored around as a 12-year-old, where I lived with my kids, the house my husband and i lived when each of our children were born, and some other places that i cannot remember at this moment but some significant places and I plan on making posts on a different blog with each of the pictures and the memories that go along with these pictures. I plan on shedding many tears and coming through this stronger and hopefully more hopeful and with much more purpose in life.

I do not write any of this for anyone else except for myself. I write this with hopes that someday i can look back at it and say WOW I have come so far but if someone reads it and they say WOW I feel that way i am not alone I understand that I am glad there is someone else out there that understands how I feel I though I was alone… I too am glad. As so many times when I think to myself there is no one else who could possible understand and that no one else feels the way I feel, and no one else has ever experienced any pain like I have or that I am so different and so unique I get online and find others like myself, suffering in silence, suffering and alone feeling as if they will never be understood, and never get anywhere, never have meaning or purpose in life, there is no reason to keep going, and why should I keep going on. Why am I breathing. So If someday someone like myself reads my blog even if it is only one person and it helps them feel not so alone and know they are not alone in their feelings of hopelessness, shame, and pain then I guess it was not a waste of time. But in the end none of this is truly a waste of time to begin with because when i someday look back at all this that I have written. I will have a map of how long my journey was and how far I came on this journey and not everyone has that. Not everyone has a record of their life as I will have and not everyone wants one. Maybe then I wont want it or I wont need it and I will erase it of delete it. But for now I believe it is important to my future and so I write it and I keep it.

Another thing I have decided to do is to try to make an effort to say what I mean instead of using wording as a means of verbally escaping my emotions. For example I have been going through alot of emotional distress lately with witnessing some things I would have prefered not seeing and then feeling as if nothing was done about it and then becoming angry about it with someone else. Then my worker leaves on vacation and she leaves me when I am angry with her. Then I leave on vacation in an angry state but not really wanting to go just going to satisfy my family and to do what I am supposed to do to be normal i guess you can say. But yet I still am feeling angry inside me and I am trying to just stay numbed emotionally and pretend life is good and just avoid feeling much. Then the first day we get up north my son starts his shit and pulls a power struggle over a situation that is somewhat similar to and triggering back to somewhat of what was enraging me in my home state where I was on vacation from. And so he threatens to leave me and then has my mom pick him up and asserts the fact he has control over me not me having control over him. And so I felt as if I just wanted to come home and do not even want him to come home with me. He created more rage and anger inside me. That is still there but yet I have had to just leave it there for now and it is stuck there not really sure where to put it what to do with it or how to handle it. then my siblings my brother and sister are dealing with their own issues surrounding neglectfulness and abusiveness of their children that causes me anger/rage and alot of jealousy to be honest that I do not have my children but yet these people have their children. it does not seem fair and sometimes make me want to blow the world up if possible but I know it is not and that my kids are in the world and do nto want to hurt them. then I get a speeding ticket while I am up there trying to drive and read a mapping took a wrong turn and was doing 39 in a 25 and not wearing a seat belt. well I learned a lesson so far. I now wear my seat belt and am trying real hard at monitoring my speed and am not speeding. I then came back really enraged and now am just coming down from that rage. But I have decided to no longer when going through something like this that I am going to try hard not to try to escape it nor talk about escaping it by wanting to run to the hospital or move out or state. I desire to move from where I am but yet I also know that it is prominent when I am trying to escape my anger and rage.

I know there are more services in different states but I know I am not going anywhere so then why continue to use that as a distraction and concern others by trying to avoid my emotions by saying i want to move. yes I sometimes feel like I need to go into the hospital but that for the most part is because that is what I am used to. I am not used to facing things. I am used to going into the hospital to fix things and avoid facing things. I am used to using the hospital as my way of escape from myself and most of the time it works because I get to become aggressive and angry and be put in restraints and fight people and it releases this anger I feel inside physically and most times I go in there after releasing some of the anger on myself either by a suicide attempt or by self harming and so this is a step for me to work on facing the anger but really unsure what to truly do with it if i do not do anything to myself and i do not release it by fighting others who are trying to restrain me and hold me and control. I am trying to work on myself here and this is new.

There is some contentment with these new desires and some confliction. there is a lot of fear and insecurity. I am unsure I truly trust anyone fully though there is a person I trust alot I fear being hurt all the time and fear that everyone on my life has always walked away or eventually leaves and so why would this person be any different especially since she is in the field she is in and I am the person I am. People get sick of me. People decide I am not wort their time. People decide I am a hopeless case and I am a waste of life so what makes me think she is any different. These are the thoughts I want t change but yet they continue to overwhelm me and cause me anxiety regularly.



email i sent about my distress and self destruction


I wish I could make all of you all see that my life is not worth the effort and time people and society waste on me. The amount of money for my shortest least medical risked hospitalization I had this year which was the one at the very end of march I was billed for more than $9,000 by Lynchburg general hospital but then the insurance must have finally paid it because after arguing with them several times I have not heard from then since. From my understanding my overdose in February and in June must have been much more expensive than that and if not even so that alone just in those 3 times that is saying that roughly $30,000 has been wasted of taxpayers’ money. That does not include; my medication I am now prescribed, my mental health support payments to ehs, my psychiatrist payments to ehs, my payments to csb for what they claimed to be treatment such as therapy psychiatry and case management; and I am saying just the monetary value of taxpayers’ money being wasted on a worthless life just in the last 10 months not including the factors of wasted effort, care, understanding, concern, and the distress placed upon people who must work with me. it just puts way too much value into a no-good nothing who will never be productive in society and who these resources should not be wasted on. Resources are hard to come by in life and so why is it being wasted on something such as me? Why must society waste their time and effort on a low life such as I when in fact all this could be used elsewhere on deserving individuals who want something more and want to live. People who someday will be worth the money, effort, care, time, and stress. Why Not just stop wasting time services and money on me.

I am not saying that Jane has not helped me tremendously as over the past few months I have gone through a lot with taking my trip to my families and then the emotions coming from stuff like that. She has supported me through difficulties with my landlords and helped me meet with them and express my concerns regarding my lease terms and difficulties with the new neighbors. She also has put up with my unjustifiable anger towards her and not walked away from me as she should have. Jane has supported me and urged me to continue taking my medication even when I don’t want and when I choose not to she still stands by me no matter what my decision has been. She has helped me many times with my hopeless feelings and helped me see some glimpses of hope. We have shared some peaceful moments in the community and doing community activities. She has linked me to services and helped me with things that has been difficult by encouraging me to do things even when I feel unmotivated especially lately when all I want to do is stay in bed she comes and so I have no choice but to make sure I get up. Well not that if I laid there in bed she could do anything really about it but just the fact of her consistency in my life has helped. With all that is happening my life feels so hopeless and though I continue to want to die recently the past week daily every waking hour and I plan the right moment I will do this when she comes here she helps me see more than these thoughts and feelings. She helps me realize that not always do I feel this way even when I feel it is like this always and though it may seem to me it is more and more it also is more and more where there are moment s that I am able to enjoy things in life such as the outdoors, fishing or walking in the woods while talking, I do have more moments than I used to that I can say where I enjoy life but life is still pointless.

My life is falling apart. I am facing criminal charges for my own stupidity and inability to stay away from unhealthy and destructive relationships even when I recognize that the relationship is causing me too much harm and is eventually going to end. I do try to take steps and use skills I have learned including communication skills and the sorts to express what is going on and how things are effecting me and I do try to walk away from things before it gets to points such as this incidence but with all the anger I had been unable to control recently I lost it as I used to. I thought I had learned to control that and only had learned how to take the blame for everything including everyone else’s behaviors and choices and now I face consequences for my own behaviors and choices. I also am having difficulties with my son and now allowed my mouth to hurt him and he won’t come home. I fear if I force him home he will runaway anyways or he will have my mother or brother go to court and take him from me which will not be hard since I have been in the medical hospital for mental health issues 3 times this year and alls he has o do is tell the judge he no longer wants to live with me and he wants to go back with them and that will be that. Then the difficulties with the landlord and the lease issues have now turned into me having to move and I have been giving a 30 day notice to move. Where will I go? I may be on medication that is helping me not take my life somewhat and Jane seeing me consistently helps keep me stable for the time but what will I do ultimately. It seems when I am trying to do as all you professionals claim I need to do to better my life such as take medication I seem to be very angry outwardly rather than inwardly. I feel more anxiety and as if things in my life just are getting worse and I am sitting here doing nothing but accepting all this shit. Though I want to kill myself and I have these pills here that should do me in I just do not feel like I have much in me right now left. I feel like there really is nothing left of me. I am just a shell full of anger and rage at the world with no energy to get rid of it. I contemplate everyday whether to continue these medications as I feel they are holding me back right at this moment from having the energy I need to complete my long 32 years of misery and make this all end for everyone involved.

My son Corey, will be better in the long run as he will never have to deal with me emotionally hurting him or telling him to go away again. He will be able to keep the freedom he has and get the freedom he desires. My mother will be free from the burden of helping me when I am distressed fearing if she does not offer then I will end up attempting to take my life but won’t succeed and then she feels guilty, my siblings will be free of the extra stress me being alive puts on them by hearing my mother complaining about what happens here with me. Corey may then decide to stop acting like me against authority figures in school as I am not a discouragement towards his antiauthority behavior he has in school nor am I helpful and have the answers his day treatment counselor seeks from me regularly. If I had the answers then I would be doing it and he would not have them for services but then why am I the one who am looked to for the answers and looked at as like the problem as if I am the one who has done something wrong when in fact I did not raise him and he has only been under my care for 2 years and has never been suspended so I must have had been doing something right for him until recently. But that’s all over with now anyways and he will ultimately be better off with me gone from his life. My son Daniel is the one I worry about the most as he is the oldest of the 4 I have no rights to and he’s the one who may never get adopted but is in a foster home with foster parents. He is the one I worry may ultimately be most impacted by my choice to end my suffering when he seeks me out as he turns of age. I worry he will feel I did not love him enough to keep fighting for him back when I chose not to continue the appeals and then I chose to not wait for him and fighting life waiting for him and that is my fear but in the end when he is an adult and comes to understand that I was never going to get anywhere and would always be miserable and worthless and useless even when he sought me out I hope that he will then realize I loved him and wanted better for him when he grew into a man and so I would rather not be here living suffering still when he grew up. The 2 girls are together and though Autumn was old enough to remember I hope Winter will never remember me and will always only have memories of her adoptive family and so I hope that they keep each other safe and are able to help each other throughout life be stronger women than I have ever or would have ever been. My youngest son may have some vague memories of me but I doubt it and just want for him to forget me as he has a mother who will give him more than I ever could. She hates me and I am sure both sets of adoptive families will teach my children that I was useless and that they will hate me anyways. And so though I desire and yearn to be better for them when they grew older it has been over 4 years now and I still am no different. I am going to be homeless soon as I was back when I fought for them. I am facing criminal charges that could land me in jail and I could get jail time. I most definitely am getting a criminal record out of this because I am not a liar and though the other person involved can lie to any and everyone and swear on their mothers grave and the bible though I am not religious I still will not lie nor sear on peoples life’s or graves or urns or whatever even when telling the truth I would rather just be trusted and tell the truth and so I am not going to lie in court as I did not lie to the police or the magistrate when I went there. I told the truth. I admitted to my wrongs. I also told them I would do it again to if I saw what I saw the many times I saw things happen there at that house. And so I have to deal with the consequences from that choice though I also see a correlation between the fact that in the past when I have been medicated by psychiatrists I have had anger problems outwardly too but when not on medication I more have anger problems inwardly and am able to let my anger and frustrations with others go much easier or to not let their behaviors bother me as much. And more recently I have gotten myself into a pattern of not caring about other issues that in the past I would greatly care about and would cause me so much distress when I placed myself into those situations that I would want to die or hurt myself because of the guilt and shame I felt. Now I just go do the shit and don’t care. I don’t care about the mental effects it causes me and I keep them to myself allowing them to race through my mind. I don’t care about the dangers I am placing myself into. I don’t care about the long term consequences the choices could have which are all things that have been issues for me in the past and I have been in this mode in the past though I can say that it has been a medication thing or not but I just more think the distress, shame, and guilt is not there because of the meds which is a positive in a way but also a big negative because I don’t care about any of the consequences and so I just let whatever happen and do whatever just don’t care. My life is crumbling around me and the water is getting deeper but yet my raft I am floating on is dwindling. And so I have decided maybe I don’t need these pills as much as they are helpful they are also harmful and are keeping me suffering here in life. I am not living though. I don’t have a life. I may be breathing, I may have a heartbeat and they may detect some sort of brainwaves in my head though I am not sure anymore. I am only managing with the help of Jane I am doing all these things but I don’t want to manage. If I cannot live then there is no point in breathing, letting my heart beat, or my brain to continue telling the rest of my organs to keep going. So I stopped my meds yesterday. It is just as damaging for me to take them as it is for me not to take them in my opinion. So I don’t care Everything in my life is falling apart and my life is not worth all this money he system pays to medical providers to keep saving. So ask that if I am found when I decide to let go of life for no one to interfere. I ask that you realize what value there is in Jane as she has helped me so much lately when I have been distressed from all that has been happening and she has supported me encouraged me and worked with me to feel better, to motivate, she has taught me how to trust and that people can care about people without hurting them. Jane is helpful and none of it will ever be because she did or said the wrong thing to me. I do know none of you will never understand but I hope that you will realize someday that I was long gone and a lost cause way before any of you were ever involved in my life. I was destined to die young or live in misery till I am old which would you choose. Die young while people can still speak good things about you and possible leave them hopefully leave them with some positive good lasting memories of you or stay living angrily being miserable and causing everyone to hate you and no one to want to remember you or wanting to even show up at your funeral. You know my choice and just think of it from my point.

At this time I am not immediately going to kill myself so do not get any of your bright ideas of having me eco’d or tdo’d because I am just writing to wanting to express how I feel about things and let you know where I stand on life. I want people to realize that I am a waste of time, money, and resources. I want you to see realize and understand that I struggle and though it gets hard and rough at times there have been some better experiences in my life since my worker was changed 14 months ago. So ask does that mean I keep going that it will definitely get better more and more, no I doubt that since in the last 3 weeks everything around me in my life has falling apart though I am managing it. Maybe if I did not have a mental health worker I trusted and who could help me motivate and get out of bed when all I want to do is sleep then maybe I would already be dead. Maybe I would have taken all those pills a week ago. Maybe if I was not taking the medication I was taking until yesterday I would be in worse shape and then maybe the rest of the services would not help me but I doubt the medication has that much power since the meds are meds I have been on previous and in combination before and alls I see they do for me is cause me more anxiety, make me paranoid or the symptom of paranoia from my BPD come out in me more prominently that I recognize it and it is bothersome to me, make me not care about things I was ashamed of previously and felt guilty for when I did place myself in those situations, and helped me feel my pent up anger and outwardly express it more rather than blame myself or let others blame me and me accept the blame but yet they also have helped my thinking to slow down
and my impulsivity to lesson. They have helped me rationally and emotionally think more in combination so I use my wise mind regarding suicide and self harm and drugs use but not other dangerous behaviors that are impulsive, dangerous, emotionally, mentally, and possibly medically harmful to me. So how long do you think they will take to be completely gone from my system and I can get back to being me and feeling the way I should and being who I really am meant to be?

Well I hope this is helpful to you to understand where I am coming from and what happens. I called the other day just because I knew I needed someone to understand me more than just Jane. I mean she understands to a point but not sure she understands just as I am sure the same goes for you. Will anyone ever fully understand. Nope. Do people try to understand sometimes. Sometimes people do not care enough to try. Sometimes they realize I am not worth their time. Maybe you fit into one category but who knows. I may never know just as all the fakes in my life previously have led me to believe they cared and turned and left me and lied claiming they would not. Lied well anyways I am just struggling and sometimes I just need to talk to more than just Jane I guess and so I called and I have learned to work with you. There was a time when I could not trust you and said I would never talk to you ever again. Now when I feel I am struggling and Jane is not available or I need someone else besides her you are the one I run to. Yeah I talk to family about my stressors but from a rational point rather than an emotional or wise mind point. So I will leave you be and hopefully tonight I will sleep as last night I was up and not home until I came home at 4:30 in the morning and then the night before I did not sleep at all and slept about 3 hours Saturday to make it up. My sleep has been messed up and disturbed all week but I guess it won’t matter too much. Well hope you understand better and life never treats you as it has me. I hope you a long and prosperous life and that when things look as despairing as mine does you have someone to call or write to too.


plans for today so far


Getting ready to go to the gym with my step father and my mom. She is at work and we will be meeting her there. Then I am going to go into my old stomping grounds where I was born and raised and visit some people and try to get ahold of my friend who I have lost contact with over the last six months since I left here in January. I hope to see her before I leave next week but she has her own difficulties and is sometimes hard to get ahold of and has changed her number. I plan on visiting my moms old friend who showed me how to crochet when I was young, taught me to bake, and spent lots of time with me as I was a preteen even though my mom was not there for me she was there for me. Though there is issues there also because her husband sexual has an attraction to me as I was a teenager and when I was staying with them as an adult and I have a hard time saying no. I just revert in my mind back to when I was young and fade away. Well anyways I can never walk away from her because she was there for me more than my own flesh and blood mother. Then I also plan on visiting some friends who I have not seen in years since leaving Massachusetts back in 2005 who I spoke with on Facebook last night and hopefully hooking up with another friend who I have not seen since having my 10-year-old. So today may be a very busy day if I can fit it all in otherwise I will break it up throughout the week.


The days productiveness


Today was mostly a productive day although I did not get all I had wanted to get done I did get alot done.Yesterday I got most of the kitchen done but still had the dishes to finish today and still have not finished them. Did do some shopping which I had planned to not do until I got back from my trip up north to visit with the so-called “family“. We can pick and choose our friends but we cannot choose our family and so I guess they are my family and I must accept that at some point though I do not have to like it nor do I have to accept their behaviors or attitudes towards me. I did buy myself some new hair bleach and dye. So I am in the process of bleaching it as I type and plan on dying it once i return from my trip. I cannot dye it the bright fuchsia I bought before going on my trip as I will be criticized by my mother but do plan on shaving the underside of my head before going like possibly tomorrow and know my mother will have plenty of comments regarding that but I will just have to ignore her and know I have a right to look the way I want to look.

I got my living room done today and vacuumed with my new vacuum cleaner but did not get the dishes done. I cut the wood for my book shelf I need that I will try to put together tomorrow so I can unpack my books before leaving on my trip. I am doing my laundry over the next few days and will hopefully have everything in its place, unpacked, hung up and done before I leave so when I get back there will be nothing needing done.

My son has decided he does not want to come home with me when I come home in 2 weeks and so he plans on staying until very end of July at latest 2nd of august. As he needs to be back for an appointment august 3rd. So I will be alone for a couple of weeks which i hate. I hate being alone just on weekends when he stays at my brothers even when it is just Saturdays but the whole weekend kills me now what will I do for 2 weeks by myself. Think I may go crazy from my loneliness.

I tried to rototill my garden today so that I can rearrange it before I leave for my trip but was unable to keep the rototiller running long enough to do anything with it so will try again tomorrow. I want to move my tomato ad pepper plants so that I can weed the corn and green plants that I cannot get to because the tomato and pepper plants are in the way. i cannot even get to the green beans to pick them and so I must move the tomato plants atleast but cannot till the space where I want to put them without the rototiller and it does not want to stay stared for some reason. It is so frustrating to me. It seems everything I want to do and planned on doing in the next few days before leaving does not want to get done or is not supposed to be done. And so instead I watered and fertilized the garden tonight which I had not planned on doing until tomorrow and then i planned on putting some pesticide on it before leaving Tuesday evening which I will still do. But hopefully I am able to get these plants moved.

I still have mine and my sons room to complete and the dishes to get done and about 2 more loads of laundry to finish before leaving but should be able to finish all that as long as I stay motivated which seems I am lacking today.

Though I am not depressed I am still having a motivation problem and having an issue with personal care which was never really a problem for me in the past but has grown to be a problem over the past couple years I guess. It is something I really need to work on and would like to work on. I need to make a better conscious effort on working on it I guess. I use to be overly self-aware of personal care and shower too much and be obsessive about cleaning my walls and things all being in their places but not now. Now things just pile up. Now things don’t have places. Now things just get thrown around. Now I can go days without showing and not even realize it. The depression really lowered my self-care and personal standards and I really want to change the habits I have now formed. I would rather be how I used to be. i would rather be overly obsessive about it rather than not care and not recognize any of it for days or until things are too overwhelming for me to do anything about any of it.

All and all today was a productive day. I miss talking to my mental health worker already but she checked in with me and I know she made it safe and hope she is enjoying herself. She is an inspiration to me. She has made it a half century in life. That is an accomplishment in my opinion as I have difficulties believing that is possible for me to do and that I will make it that far. But I have more hope than I did a few weeks ago and now know I do not want my life to end at my own hands. I do not want to ever be where I have been before. I do not want to feel the way I felt a few weeks ago. I do not want to get to that point ever again in my life. I want more for myself and my life. I want to have hope and happiness. I want to live.


penalties for failure to report abuse or neglect if you are a mandated reporter in Virginia

63.2-1509. Physicians, nurses, teachers, etc., to report certain injuries o children; penalty for failure to report. /section> section> . The following persons who, in their professional or official capacity, ave reason to suspect that a child is an abused or neglected child, shall eport the matter immediately to the local department of the county or city herein the child resides or wherein the abuse or neglect is believed to have ccurred or to the Department’s toll-free child abuse and neglect hotline: /section> section> . Any person licensed to practice medicine or any of the healing arts; /section> section> . Any hospital resident or intern, and any person employed in the nursing rofession; /section> section> . Any person employed as a social worker; /section> section> . Any probation officer; /section> section> . Any teacher or other person employed in a public or private school, indergarten or nursery school; /section> section> . Any person providing full-time or part-time child care for pay on a egularly planned basis; /section> section> . Any mental health professional; /section> section> . Any law-enforcement officer or animal control officer; /section> section> . Any mediator eligible to receive court referrals pursuant to § 8.01-576.8; /section> section> 0. Any professional staff person, not previously enumerated, employed by a rivate or state-operated hospital, institution or facility to which children ave been committed or where children have been placed for care and treatment; /section> section> 1. Any person associated with or employed by any private organization esponsible for the care, custody or control of children; /section> section> 2. Any person who is designated a court-appointed special advocate pursuant o Article 5 (§ 9.1-151 et seq.) of Chapter 1 of Title 9.1; /section> section> 3. Any person, over the age of 18 years, who has received training approved y the Department of Social Services for the purposes of recognizing and eporting child abuse and neglect; /section> section> 4. Any person employed by a local department as defined in § 63.2-100 who etermines eligibility for public assistance; and /section> section> 5. Any emergency medical services personnel certified by the Board of Health ursuant to § 32.1-111.5, unless such personnel immediately reports the atter directly to the attending physician at the hospital to which the child s transported, who shall make such report forthwith. /section> section> his subsection shall not apply to any regular minister, priest, rabbi, imam, r duly accredited practitioner of any religious organization or denomination sually referred to as a church as it relates to (i) information required by he doctrine of the religious organization or denomination to be kept in a onfidential manner or (ii) information that would be subject to § 8.01-400 r 19.2-271.3 if offered as evidence in court. /section> section> f neither the locality in which the child resides nor where the abuse or eglect is believed to have occurred is known, then such report shall be made o the local department of the county or city where the abuse or neglect was iscovered or to the Department’s toll-free child abuse and neglect hotline. /section> section> f an employee of the local department is suspected of abusing or neglecting child, the report shall be made to the court of the county or city where he abuse or neglect was discovered. Upon receipt of such a report by the ourt, the judge shall assign the report to a local department that is not he employer of the suspected employee for investigation or family ssessment. The judge may consult with the Department in selecting a local epartment to respond to the report or the complaint. /section> section> f the information is received by a teacher, staff member, resident, intern r nurse in the course of professional services in a hospital, school or imilar institution, such person may, in place of said report, immediately otify the person in charge of the institution or department, or his esignee, who shall make such report forthwith. /section> section> he initial report may be an oral report but such report shall be reduced to riting by the child abuse coordinator of the local department on a form rescribed by the Board. Any person required to make the report pursuant to his subsection shall disclose all information that is the basis for his uspicion of abuse or neglect of the child and, upon request, shall make vailable to the child-protective services coordinator and the local epartment, which is the agency of jurisdiction, any information, records, or eports that document the basis for the report. All persons required by this ubsection to report suspected abuse or neglect who maintain a record of a hild who is the subject of such a report shall cooperate with the nvestigating agency and shall make related information, records and reports vailable to the investigating agency unless such disclosure violates the ederal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. § 1232g). rovision of such information, records, and reports by a health care provider hall not be prohibited by § 8.01-399. Criminal investigative reports eceived from law-enforcement agencies shall not be further disseminated by he investigating agency nor shall they be subject to public disclosure. /section> section> . For purposes of subsection A, “reason to suspect that a child is abused r neglected” shall include (i) a finding made by an attending physician ithin seven days of a child’s birth that the results of a blood or urine est conducted within 48 hours of the birth of the child indicate the resence of a controlled substance not prescribed for the mother by a hysician; (ii) a finding by an attending physician made within 48 hours of a hild’s birth that the child was born dependent on a controlled substance hich was not prescribed by a physician for the mother and has demonstrated ithdrawal symptoms; (iii) a diagnosis by an attending physician made within even days of a child’s birth that the child has an illness, disease or ondition which, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, is attributable o in utero exposure to a controlled substance which was not prescribed by a hysician for the mother or the child; or (iv) a diagnosis by an attending hysician made within seven days of a child’s birth that the child has fetal lcohol syndrome attributable to in utero exposure to alcohol. When “reason o suspect” is based upon this subsection, such fact shall be included in he report along with the facts relied upon by the person making the report. /section> section> . Any person who makes a report or provides records or information pursuant o subsection A or who testifies in any judicial proceeding arising from such eport, records, or information shall be immune from any civil or criminal iability or administrative penalty or sanction on account of such report, ecords, information, or testimony, unless such person acted in bad faith or ith malicious purpose. /section> section> . Any person required to file a report pursuant to this section who fails to o so within 72 hours of his first suspicion of child abuse or neglect shall e fined not more than $500 for the first failure and for any subsequent ailures not less than $100 nor more than $1,000. /section> history> 1975, c. 341, § 63.1-248.3; 1976, c. 348; 1978, c. 747; 1993, c. 443; 1994, . 840; 1995, c. 810; 1998, cc. 704, 716; 1999, c. 606; 2000, c. 500; 2001, . 853; 2002, cc. 747, 860; 2006, cc. 530, 801; 2008, cc. 43, 268.) /history>

“So Called Mother/Grandmother”

Why cant I be loved like the rest of them. Why couldnt my kids be loved like the rest of their kids. Why is it you let my kids be thrown to the wolves but yet savior the others. What is wrong with me. what was wrong with my kids. I know what you used to claim “I am not watching them they scream from the time you leave to the time you come back” but that was a reason for you not to love them as much as you the rest in your life now. But yet the ones now scream and you deal with it but could not deal with mine. Guess cause they were mine they got treated with the hate you had for me my whole life and so the cycle continued on…

Complete change in thinking over night hmm…

What a difference today has been! I went to sleep sometime around 4:30 this morning and woke up around 10am. But before going to sleep I finally did something about the boxes that had sat in the kitchen packed since moving down here from the apartment upstairs as I had not unpacked really because I have been really depressed and done nothing. i have not even finished moving my stuff and cleaning the apartment upstairs. I had pretty much given up on everything and my son just has gone about whatever it is he had been doing with his life that he does day in and day out as I had sunk myself deeper and deeper into the darkness. I finally unpacked the pans, dishes and the dry/canned foods and put them all away at about 2 am this morning. My kitchen now seems a bit more livable but yet not completely fully done as there are still 3 boxes in there that do not belong in there. I then finally fell asleep at about sometime around 4:30 this morning and still was feeling uneasy about life conflicted and unsure and depressed. But I woke this morning first feeling deceived and immediately called a friend and talked with her for a few minutes and then had to call my worker and question her about the feelings of deception after that I felt relieved and called my friend back. while talking to her my mood change to changed for the good.  I for some reason had a very odd change in life views and began to view things in a different light.

I have had a very productive day today. It has been positive. I have had some not had very many negative thoughts. I have not actively been thinking about my desires to die. I have been quite surprised by my positive feelings and productively though have not wanted to embrace it as I know it never lasts though usually has never lasted a day sometimes I have enjoyed moments or an hour or a few hours but not usually the whole day so maybe tomorrow can be just as good. Maybe this most recent depression and the processing of feelings and writing and thinking has helped me get through alot that I usually hold in. Maybe it is just time for me to stop harboring the pain and let go of the misery and hold onto the moments of joy I have had. May I need to embrace the little things I do find some peace in. I did some things in the garden today even if it was not much it was some, it was better than doing none and it was better than laying in bed or feeding my suicidal thoughts and plans. I worked on some things that need to get done though they did not get finished I did some which is a step towards getting them finished. I cannot get them finished if I never start them or if I never try to work at them. And so this has been the approach today and I am quite content and somewhat happy with my day. i am somewhat proud of my productivity. I do not trust these feelings of contentment, the productivity, or my not feeling so negative about everything. This so abnormal for me it is scary and very unusual. I am afraid this will not last and so I am scared to think I will no longer have to suffer from the pain and believe I have let it go because that is an irrational thought as I have done nothing to get rid of it. Nothing is different between these past few days and today except my expressing the pain in writing and talk with some people in my life. I have not really dealt with the core issues or change anything in my life and so I know it is not realistic to believe it is gone but it is realistic to say I am going to try to look at things in my life differently and I will try from today to face things and change the way I view things so negatively in my life and the world If I am always feeling and thinking and seeing everything so negatively than I will never feel, see, or think anything is positive in life. And so I am going to try to change the way I view things and things will hopefully change. I am not promising that this will always happen or this will happen 100% of the time or that the depression will not take over ever again but I do know that at this very second this is what I desire to do and what I want to do. i may need help doing it but not sure it is really something anyone can help me with. It may just be something I have to do on my own.