A dream

I awoke this morning in the midst of a dream I was having which is odd. It is very odd actually. Lately, I have been having dreams lately and before I either did not dream or do not recall dreaming. Lately, I have been waking up from them and they are more of emotional dreams.

Anyhow, this dream had my old worker who at some point became my friend and is no longer my friend. We have not been friends now for about 19 months. it also included my new worker. I don’t recall why they were on the phone together or how they were involved in conversation  but for some reason they were discussing the fact that I am not as dysfunctional as the new worker believes and the old worker was arguing with the new worker that I am more normal than people in the mental health system think but when I am going through a dysfunctional state I am dysfunctional as can be. the new worker continued to argue I was sick with an illness and the old worker argued I wasn’t sick as people think. I awoke with them arguing on the phone with no recollection as to what the dream was about besides the fact of this phone argument.


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