I started with my new therapist

Therapy this was the second week with my new therapist. Covered alot of topics briefly that are topics we may work through in-depth. Its good that I also have my mental health support worker there in session with me. But neither the therapist nor my worker knows me well yet nor understands when I am overwhelmed I just shut myself off and blank myself out a bit. I go numb and feel nothing and my mind is on nothing really just distanced away and gone. When I am overwhelmed it especially is easier for me to do and does not happen as easily when my life is less simpler than it is at the moment. I will tell myself I am OK even if I feel I am not out loud just so I can hear myself and try to assure myself that I am. Its a learned behavior a learned way of coping and dealing with too much at once for me I guess by helping me not to actually have to deal with anything I just go away a bit. For the most part when I am doing well and managing life this learned way of coping does not happen but this also makes it difficult for me to use mindfulness as a coping skill since instead i just go blank.


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