I Am A Work In Progress and I Am Learning

I may notWhat is best for others is not always best for us. We must take care of ourselves and protect ourselves before we are able to fully take care of others. The best for us sometimes does not meet the worlds standards or demands but we must not fall into the trap of pleasing others as it only creates pain. With all this said it does not mean to be selfish, unaccepting of others or their choices, judgemental, unkind, or hateful. It simply means we must be accepting of others and their choices for themselves, be non-judgmental, understanding, caring, kind, and giving. I freely give as I am capable. I will go without for others. But I am learning a balance of caring for and about myself and caring for others needs to be a balance. Not just caring for and about others without caring about myself. I am learning to stand up for ME, MY LIFE, and MY NEEDS. I am learning that loving someone does not mean allowing them to hurt you by using, manipulating, judging, gossiping, or being selfish. I am learning that I MATTER and DESERVE BETTER than all that that I have let happen in my life. I allowed others opinions and judgements control me. No longer is anyone in control of me, my life, my body, or my decisions.


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