Look what I think

Friday, November 23, 2012 at 7:02PM

know half the shit I write you don’t read, half the messages I leave or send you ignore and don’t listen or read, and I know most what I say you don’t listen, hear, understand, nor care. You ignore my every form of communication and don’t respond 90% of time. Sometimes it feels there is no point in any form of communication with you. I feel like its at a point I need to escape from. I need to be heard without contradiction. One day you listen, understand, care, and the next you don’t. I guess your just better off with clients you can care take and who you can choose that as an option since those are  the clients you hear, understand, and care about and for. Since those are the ones you seem much more happy to have and much less bored and tired of. Your tired of me go away stop hurting me by stating and pretending you care when in fact its not me you want to help its not me that is important actions speak so much louder. Your actions scream at me letting me know that you no longer want to help me and you have lost all motivation to do so. Your resentment is obvious!

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