BrUtTaLlY InSaNe

I have created many blogs during my internet life—-but I have found that I am always cautious about what I can say because you never know who is going to read it. So I have wrestled around with the idea that maybe I should just try one more time—but make this one as brutally honest as I can be……which explains the first word of the name of my blog—The second word insane–is exactly how I feel. For 10 Years I have been dealing with a chronic disease–I have been diagnosed with C.O.P.D (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). I have also been diagnosed with Chronic Depression…also Osteoarthritis…now they think I have Lupus….So Health Wise—things are not so good–which is the insane part of the name.

I am NOT I repeat NOT looking for sympathy–It is the last thing I need and makes me feel very uncomfortable. I…

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