Emotional Pain

I have a subsiding emotional bitterness, It all start after the sudden detachment from my bf who was everything in my life.

He suddenly decided to  distance himself, reduce his calls, stop being close to me and give excuses, stay days without seeing me.

At first I felt so hurt, I haven’t slept for nights, and if I sleep I only sleep for few hours and wake up all the time crying, sometimes I dream of him, and wake up with tears and engulfing sadness, like the whole world shrinks inside my chest and I become a black dot in a huge black paper..I don’t even exist… I tried to ask him, he kept going far, he kept ignoring me.

I now don’t have him, he is present but not here, just a  cold ’10 seconds call’ is all I have of him ..I have a long story to explain..my relation…

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