The Darkpress


A very Emo poem by a teenaged Darian Darkly

Lost in crowds, yet so alone: withheld, withdrawn, without. Locked inside your prison cell and there you kept me very well: out of touch, out of time, out of bounds. Love never felt and never spoken cannot mend the heart that’s broken, bleeding, longing. O light of youth that burned so bright it hurt your eyes and had to die, so it was extinguished by hands that should’ve fanned the flame for the child who wore your name and pleaded for your heart, your hand, your eye. After embers of hope have cooled, comes darkened heart, darkened soul, darkened mind. The frozen face sheds no tear for all that’s lost and broken retreating to a cage of its own making to show you how it’s done. My own dark is far more cruel and deeper is the pain inflicted by…

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