Selfishness of a friend and her lack of care of her child

I wonder how it is that some people are able to keep their kids when they do what they do. I wonder how it is that some people cannot even see that the things they are doing or plan on doing affect their children or will affect their children. I wonder how it is that some people say they recognize their children need to come first but yet then say selfish things like this person has a car and that is why I want to be with him and I can screw him while my son is in the other room playing with his son, and then another guy can come over within a day or two maybe three and the child is introduced to that man or already knows that man also and the mother sleeps with that man also and has these men all around the child at different times and then they all disappear out of the child’s life again, how is any of that healthy and okay for a young boy to be around. That teaches a young boy women are objects and whores. it teaches them that women are revolving doors. it gives the boy an attitude that too many men already have in this world. Then to top it all off if the mother is busy trying to get all this attention from these men then when is they’re going to be time for the child. When is the child going to get what he needs when he already is emotionally and physically neglected and mentally abused alot. Then he is also physically abused at times also. This child really needs some help to save him. This parent really needs some intervention. She really needs someone to step up to the plate and put some brakes on her. She really needs to decide to be a parent for her child and stop being selfish and just caring about herself.


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