plans for today so far


Getting ready to go to the gym with my step father and my mom. She is at work and we will be meeting her there. Then I am going to go into my old stomping grounds where I was born and raised and visit some people and try to get ahold of my friend who I have lost contact with over the last six months since I left here in January. I hope to see her before I leave next week but she has her own difficulties and is sometimes hard to get ahold of and has changed her number. I plan on visiting my moms old friend who showed me how to crochet when I was young, taught me to bake, and spent lots of time with me as I was a preteen even though my mom was not there for me she was there for me. Though there is issues there also because her husband sexual has an attraction to me as I was a teenager and when I was staying with them as an adult and I have a hard time saying no. I just revert in my mind back to when I was young and fade away. Well anyways I can never walk away from her because she was there for me more than my own flesh and blood mother. Then I also plan on visiting some friends who I have not seen in years since leaving Massachusetts back in 2005 who I spoke with on Facebook last night and hopefully hooking up with another friend who I have not seen since having my 10-year-old. So today may be a very busy day if I can fit it all in otherwise I will break it up throughout the week.



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