Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I had a good day got a lot accomplished. Mowed my friends yard made $20. Then I had a cook out here at my house and my brother came over with his mother in-law, wife and 3 kids and my friend and her husband joined us. We had chicken, ribs, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, macaroni and potato salad and soda. We had a good time. The I finally went to sleep around 10:30.

Woke up this morning finished my bathroom and almost finished the dishes. Hung the rest of the pictures in the living room. hung the curtains in the kitchen. picked some veggies including cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green beans, and some hot peppers for a friend of mine. I also made her some music cd’s and a dvd she has been wanting to watch. She came over and I chated with her and her friend for about half an hour. I had a drink and got buzzed. We ordered pizza today and i paid my water bill. i pesticided my garden and my workers garden. Then my mom got into town and visited my brother then I conned her into coming over and taking me to get some crab ragoon for my son and then she went to the hotel. All and all I had a great day.

Today was the best day of my week because i spoke with my worker who is on vacation and it was really good to talk with her even though it was only for a few moments but it was the highlight of my week so far. I also spoke with her boss today twice. I was really frustrated and disappointed that Casey Anthony was found not guilty on all counts of murder, child abuse, and manslaughter except 4 counts of misleading law enforcement. I am really angry at many things that were brought out at the trial and that were not brought out while Caylee was missing. I am angry at the fact that Casey Anthony did not care about her child enough to do anything while her daughter was dead except party. I am angry that she is going to end up scott free while her child is dead and was never given a chance at life.


One thought on “Yesterday and Today

  1. It’s so important to recognize the good days. I wanted to leave a reply on this one, hoping that you would spend some time to come back & read the first 2 chapters so you can remember that there are good days.


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