to my family mostly my mother


You all have always made me feel as if I did not matter as if I did not belong as if I was not a part of your family. Well I am going to help give you what you want. There have been many years where you pretended to care but yet were not truly there for me. You all said you cared but yet then never have been there. Well I do not need any of you anymore. Do not cry when you stand over my casket because you never cared when I was here. Bury me and forget me as you did my whole life. You put me away and lived your life with wanting everyone else to help me through all that you put me through well guess you no longer will be able to do what you do.



3 thoughts on “to my family mostly my mother

  1. Sorry to hear your not doing well. I hope you are safe ~ It sounds like you are in crisis. If you are,… reach out to someone ok? It doesn’t have to be your family. My family let me down for years but I learned to just accept that. I’m sending out big massive HUGS and want you to be alright.


    • I wndwd up in medical icu i will not go into details of what happed nor will I make light of it as it was a very serious act and a serious attemp propably the the only time I could be dead from as I am really glad in many ways and for many reasons I failed at my attempt but there still many reason why I wish I would have finally succeeded and done away for good. But it is over andone with and I must move on from it as hard it is to know I again failed.


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