woke up hopeless

Woke up this morning sick and tired of life. Tired of the struggle to survivie and no one else truly caring. ia m tired of the fact that it take so much each day for me not to go on a killing spree and kill all who dont give afuck and the ones who have hurt me. I just wish that people could see how much pain I am in and how much I am at a breaking point and do not want to keep going on like this. I just would people would understand I am at the end. i cannot keep doing this. I do not want to continue with this struggle anymore. I wish I woud finally just die and they would all see and realize the pain is just too unbearable. the struggle is just too much I cannot fo this much longer. I wish they all would see my pain an drecognize my struggles. Iw ish someone could just fix this all for me and I would be ok but inside I know nothing will ever be okay and no on e will ever be able to help or fix anything inside me. I am alone and on my own in this struggle called life. i am ready to give up on the fight and submit to the pain that is slowly killing me. I am tired of trying and inside I am dying. I just want my life to stop. I just want it all to go away. i want an escape from all I hate. I just want to die today.


2 thoughts on “woke up hopeless

  1. I won’t say that I now how you’re feeling but I’ve felt similar to how you’re feeling and I know it’s miserable. Are you interested in doing more than surviving? Have you hit bottom? Is it starting to appear as though change (as scary as it might be) would be the easier option than remaining where you’re at? Love is the answer…


  2. I would say that I know I need change and though I strive to change things in my life I always seem to revert back to what is habit and comfortable. i always seem to end up right back where I was, hopeless, helpless, and miserable desiring to end my life. No matter what i try nor how hard I try i always feel as if there is no point in trying anymore because i never feel am happier inside nor do I ever feel as if my life is going to go far. but yet I want it to be different. i want my misery to end. I want an escape and no longer want to keep suffering inside myself and my mind.


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