Last night

I will never forgive him for the things he said or the things he has done to me in the past. He hurt me just as he did last time with his words which hurt more than his choking me and slamming on the porch last year. I will never speak with him again no matter what I need or how much he wants me in his life or not. I am done. I am tired of being used and then being thrown away by people. I am tired of people pretending they care and then they just disappear or they act is if they never cared. As I she the tear s they show me they never cared. They tell me how much they never cared and what I was never worth. They tell me about how they just used me and then there is nothing left for me to hear.

I know I have never been good enough for anyone and I know they never have cared. The relationships I have gotten into have just been for everyone elses needs and when I just want someone to care and be here they walk away and turn their backs on me. They will never be here and have never been there for me so why should I believe that there is anyone out there who will ever truly care.


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