frustrations with life and I hate moving

Well today has been a not so great ending to the day. Both my son and boyfriend are lazy and moved 4 things before quitting. claiming it was too hot at 8 at night but not too hot for my boyfriend to sleep and for my son to sit his ass in front of the video game and computer. i am so frustrated as I feel there is no point in having a boyfriend when I come last to him and he comes after 8 or 9 at night then leaves by 9 the next monring. Though when he comes he wants to eat and drink up a whole lot then wants to sleep and then awakens wanting sex all the time. There is no relationship as he is constantly and consistently lying to me about any and everything. He makes promises he never keeps and he says things and does not follow through for many weeks sometimes never. I am getting frustrated. He uses me to satisfy his own needs and acts as if I owe it to him or he diserves it. But does he deserve anything from me when he lies, manipulates, deceives and straight out proves to me I come last on hhis list of any type of priorities. Does he deserve anything when he tells me nothing comes before his money but yet gets to my house and complains about how he should not be out in this heat working the way he is and shit. when in fact is cause as he says he is in love with money and so he has a heart condition and expects me to feel bad for him after he works all day for himself and his buddies. Because it sure is not for me as he hardly helps here and only rarely when I am overly distressed does he offer to help only to make every excuse regarding helping of why he has to make money to do it and blows me off and then eventually when he is wanting sex too much he will finally help out and do something but that is only if I keep harrassing him and do not give into his wanting what he wants and never giving what I want or need. It will take weeks for him to fullfill a promise or a commitment. Why cant men just say what they mean and mean what they say. Why are they manipulators and liars? I am sick of it but yet continue allowing him to do this over and over.


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