That life I once desired is lost
Lost within the darkness
Buried deep by my heartache
Broken and torn apart

Losing sight of my dreams
All goals have faded from me
There seems theres nothing left
No more desires within
Seems like I am losing the endless fight
There is no end in sight

So many reasons for me to die
not many reasons to stay alive
Tell me why you think life is so good
I sit here and continue to drown
Wanting for my mind just to shut down

Why should I stay another day
When I could leave this world and go away
I desire to take the knife
I desire to take my life

I am the one to blame
There is no reason for me to be here
I hate living with the fear
Fear of never going anywhere
Believing people really care
But yet left here alone in shame

No reasons left besides peoples lies
Now I say my final goodbyes
As I continue to break
Fighting for and wanting more
Wondering what I am still living for

Is it too late
Alls I feel is emptiness
I continue to fall
Without any relief
Feeling so alone
I hide my shame
I keep all my pain
Buried deep inside

Why cant I let it go
I feel so alone
Memories hidden within
Of my life lived full of sin

The pain runs deep
Peace within
Thinking of my lifes end
I have no fear
Knowing my death is near
I have always known
You never cared
I have always known
No one ever really has cared

Tears run down my cheek
As I begin to feel weak
I am done with this fight
Wishing life would end tonight

Wishing my life gone tomorrow
I continue to drown in my sorrow
My life is full of sadness
I have so much madness
No one cares how I feel
What is the fucking big deal
If i do not resist
My desire to cut my wrist

I bleed out my fears
Instead of crying tears
Too many emotions deep inside
I try very hard to hide
All there is within my mind
So many people are blind

I get obsessed
When I am depressed
I dont want to shout
Instead i bleed it out

Thoughts produce more pain
Just playing the waiting game
My life is almost finished
My reasons to live are almost diminished

I felt this way many times before
Now I have decided not to live like this anymore
I have lost the fear
I decided I no longer care
I do not have to suffer with strife
Now that I am going to take my life

So many things I cannot say
All the things I must keep inside everyday
Wondering what my life has became
Knowing where I came from
realizing I will never be free
From the pain I live with that no one can see


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