Wanting to remember the whole truth behind my pain

There is just so much on my mind this morning after sleeping out in the cold fresh air. I wonder how children learn about forgiveness and how we as adults learn if we were never taught how to forgive. I taught myself far too long how to forget and now I want to remember so that I can learn the real forgiveness but feel I cannot forgive if I do not know the whole truth of the pain inflicted upon my body and mind from those who were supposed to love me.


One thought on “Wanting to remember the whole truth behind my pain

  1. I have come to the point of forgiving myself, for all of the should haves, could haves, & what ifs. I find that forgiving myself has been huge, very hard, but huge in my healing process. When it comes to forgiving those that abused me, I haven’t gotten there, not sure if I will be able to do that. I might have to leave that up to my higher power. Or maybe I might get there someday, but I’m not fretting over it. I’m just working on myself, knowing that’s what I need & what my kids need.


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