Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

>Forgiveness is a difficult concept for me to grasp. As forgiving someone else for something they have done that ahs hurt you or effected you you is not really about forgiving for the sake of the other person but it is about forgiving the other person for there hurt they caused you for your own sake. For you to be able to move on, let go, and kind of forget tehir wrong to you.
I have forgave many things in my life that were miniscule and did not cause me as much harm as other tings that I have not been able t forgive people for or forget the pain they caused. I have let go of many hurts but on the other hand cannot grasp the forgivness concept of letting go, forgetting, and moving on from my wounds that are deep within my sole.

There are many things people have done to me in my life that I cannot forgive them for. I cannot move on from, forget about, or let go of the pain they have imbedded in my already wound sole. There are things I would liek to be able to move on from and let go of the pain from that others who are currrently involved in my life has caused and that still gives me difficulties when communicating and interacting with these people. But unfortunately it is difficult for me to let go and move on from these things because I am looking for answers or validation from the other person who needs forgiveness and they will not or cannot give me what I need to e able to let go and move on. Forgiving them for something they did is kinda of a difficult concept as they are still in denial about there actions and it is hard for me to forgive and forget when they deny my feelings about the wound they caused.

I need to work on forgiveness greatly and for this I need to choose one thing I need to forgive someone for and choosing only one is hard but I can do it.

I guess I would say I would like to forgive my mother her abusive; emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and physically; behavior towards me as a teenager. This is very difficult for me as she denies my feelings about it and minimizes her behavior. She refuses to admit she was wrong by abusing me and will not validate my pain and hurt she caused for me throughout life.


One thought on “Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

  1. >Good post. I totally understand this. People are just ignorant by failing to realize how much they've hurt others. It's part of being a selfish person. In time you'll let it go. You stole my fire. I have a post all typed up on fogiveness of which I have yet to post. I like how you put things about get validation and stuff. I can relate.


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