Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

>Alright here goes…I am supposed to write about something I love about myself but am unsure there is anything I truly LOVE about myself as I do not have a tangable understanding of LOVE and what it is and what it means.

I know it means something differnet for everyone. But I do not believe I love anything or anyone. I like things and people but I do not have a great understanding of LOVE so therefor I am not going to write about anything I love about myself although I will write about somethings that I like about myself.

Even finding things I like about myself is difficult for me but here goes I will try to write about something that I am atleast okay with.

I like the fact that I have survived and soemwhat overcome many things that life has thrown my way. I may not have gotten passed them totally but if I am still here then I still have a chance of getting totally through them and being ok.

I like my ability to empathize and understand others in life who are struggling. I also like my ability to self teach myself and leanr on my own as it is difficult for me to be taught by someone else who I feel and believe does not have the ability to understand my ways of learning and truly does not realize who I truly am.

I like my desire to grow even if I get discouraged I still keep fighting my demons and struggle to overcome my own beliefs and keep fighting to gain knowledge. Even if I do not use the knowledge for myself i have the ability to remember and gain knowledge that I can use to help others in life who are struggling.

I guess this is all good things that Ilike about myself. When I began this topic i had a difficult time thinking there was anything I really like about myself but after sitting down here and beginning to write I found a few things I Like about myself.


One thought on “Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

  1. >I can so unbelievably relate to this. Im not officialy diagnosed with any depression or disorder but I know there is something to my depression or whatever it is. Maybe Im just a dumbass. Then again, life can be a bitch and then you die. Keep on moving forward. That's all one can do. That or drink until your puke but that would be counter productive because puking makes you feel worse. Hang on and in there. I hear ya and feel ya. One day you're up and the nexy you're down. It's a bitch.NUGE


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