>Something that frustrates me a whole lot is people who believe that there shit does not stink or they are better than others when their past was no different if not worse than others.

People who act as if they are so great just because they have changed over some years. They did many things in their past that they now frown on people who have the same things affecting their lives. They did drugs, they neglected their children, they put their children in dangerous situations, their children witnessed domestic violence, and they lived a life of unholiness. however they now act as if they are better than people who do that. they act and talk about how people should not expose their children to situations, they talk about people who get help from the system financially. But yet they committed fraud because they were collecting welfare and food stamps and claiming the father was not around or they worked under the table and did not claim the income so they could support their addictions. Now that they no longer need help from the government they talk about the government taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but yet they do not work and support their selves.

I do not claim to be better than others. I try my hardest not to act better than anyone else. I do not live on a high horse. I do not try to pretend I did not come from what I came from. I remember who I was, who I am, and who I will someday hope to be.

It frustrates me to a point of anger sometimes. Being around and hearing people who act and talk like this. I cannot stand being downgraded and talked about by people who are like this. I dislike how people are two faced and pretend to be nice to you to get things they want or need for themselves but yet are constantly telling people how much they hate you and talk shit about you and your faults when they are doing worse things than what you have ever done or do.


One thought on “Hipocrisy

  1. >Keep it real: Be you and stay true. Live and learn but "try" not to repeat. Leave that repeating for washign and rinsing your hair. =) That's all you can do. I understand where you are coming from.


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