Fear of Success

>Fear of Success

All too often many people ask for success and prepare for failure.

One of the ways we sabotage our success is procrastination. We talk about what we want to do, without writing out a plan, and without taking any steps in that direction.

Plans are good. They help us to focus, and to put our ideas in some semblance of order. Writing helps to make things real. But there is another way.

Now let’s say that you are not the plan writing type, but you have ideas that are “all” worth something. Maybe your ideas are healing, artistic, or maybe they’ll help folks in ways that you only dream about but don’t act on.

There are those who know “why”, and those who know “how”. Now, you may know “why” you wish to pursue a certain course, but you may need someone who knows “how” to help make your dreams come true, so that fear takes on another coat.

There is no use keeping all of your talents and potential to yourself. It wouldn’t be fair to you, the world or the purpose for which you were born.

Sometimes you just have to go out and make a few mistakes. It’s all right. Practice makes perfect remember?

Feel the fear, and do it anyway. You will never overcome the fear of success unless you take the first step. That is how your journey to success begins. The rest is a lot easier.

Maybe you feel that you’ve aimed too high and that it could not possibly happen. Aiming high is a good thing. If you reach for the sky, you just might touch the stars. In fact, you might even become a star.

Fear is a part of our Shadow Self and it should be faced and embraced. That is one good way to get in touch with your fear. To acknowledge it. To become one with it. To know that it is a part of you and it is not bad, just there. By doing this, you will have removed most of the energy of fear and failure. You would have transmuted it into something positive and productive.

“If at first you don‘t succeed, try and try again”. How many times have you heard that statement? Too many to count, right? Well it is a true statement and should be taken to heart.

Take a moment to think on something. You may not remember when you took your first steps, but I’ll bet that when you fell, you just kept getting up … again – and again – and again. Then, you started running.

Well that’s the attitude that you must take as an adult. When you have a new attitude about your fears they just seem to vanish.

As a student of yoga, I was taught that what you fear you attract to yourself. Now, one does not want to attract failure, but success.

Stand in the sphere of possibilities and be as confident in that as you can be.

Just to share a little something with you, the first time I gave a lecture I was quite nervous. Even though I may have been afraid of speaking before an audience, I did it anyway. The more I spoke the better I became, and soon I was speaking before a hundred or more people. It felt good to embrace a new part of myself.

Yes, I felt the tremor in my gut, but I made it work for me. You can do the same.

Be encouraged. Be alive in the knowing of yourself. Be ready to take the plunge.

If you need to put an affirmation on your door and look at it every morning, then do that. Affirmations help tremendously.

Face your fear and be successful. Then you will begin to enjoy the “Sweet Smell of Success”.


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