>My Recent Realizations

>Recently my life has progressed to a point to where I believe it will not progress much further without me really dealing with my abuse from my childhood. However, I continue to struggle with these desires to let these secrets out of my deep locked closets and keeping these closets locked forever. discussing this with my therapist of 3 1/2 years and us both agreeing I am stable and my life is at a stand point and I have a lot of core issues that stem from early childhood trauma that I avoid even recognizing when it is brought up. We have agreed to begin working on these things but for the past few weeks since agreeing, I have been able to avoid the issues by sidetracking and bringing up other issues we also feel is things that need dealing with. I know they both need to be dealt with. However, I am purposely avoiding the issues of the childhood issues because I have also avoided it and she knows more of the details of the issues surround the loss of my kids and my parental rights as she went through the court proceedings with me and has been my therapist since about 6 months after social services took them. Now that my life is stable enough for these issues not to bring me to a point of my life being at risk I really need to face them in order for my life to progress to what I desire my life to become.


One thought on “>My Recent Realizations

  1. >Sweety, I believe you will focus and give it your all. It will just take time. It seems that I am learning so much about my childhood that I never thought was a problem until really taking a long look back over my life. Things may seem little, but sometimes, just that one little thing can cause big trauma for us. Hang in there sweety!


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