>So today there comes many questions to mind. Probably most of the unanswerable.thoughts race through my mind more and more as my depression progresses.

How do I know when it is time for me to let go? How do I let go when it is all I had to hang onto? What if they are satisfied with their lives and I am sitting here awaiting them only for them to be better without ever knowing me? Their lives are better and I hope they all have more than I could ever have even imagined giving them.

So then why if they are in a better place should I sit back and await their search for me when they are better without me? Why do I continue holdfing on when they do not need a crazy bitch like me back in their lives.

Why not just let go? How come I feel trapped in this life, trapped in this state, and trapped with the contingencies of waiting for something that may not happen or that may cause them more difficulties later in their lives


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