The chaos of my Borderline this weekend

>Well things have gone pretty well I have been hanging with some people in my neighborhood that like me for who I am but I almost feel as if I have been sucked into drama and being who I am not. I had un we went out Friday night t Friday night cheers with a live local band there and drinks. While there it was fun and I rank 5 smirnoff ice then proceeded over to the liquor store before heading home. When we returned to the trailer park we were bombarded by the drunks who wanted our liquor and because we did not give them some they caused somewhat of a problem and ended it with the police coming.

Saturday we decided tostay at our end of the trailer park and we were having a great time. We were enjoying the cookout and had some peeps over when one of the drunks came down here being nosy and thinking he could do what he wanted and his wife would pick the pieces up after he got beat. But instead his wife came down here and told me I was crazy for even standing up to her and I told her she claims she is crazy and pushed her. She proceeded to push me and I socked her in the face. She then grabbed me by the thraot and I punched her again and she let go and walked away onlyto call the police on me whci in turned back fired and I went and obtained a warrant for her at the magistrates office. She still has not been arrested although there is a warrant for her arrest and she should be being picked up shortly.

Through all this it was nice to have people like me and proud of me and having a good time but I just feel that that is not who I am and I do not like fighting or being in the mix of chaos and drama. I actually like when I hibernate in my house sitting on the computer wasting my life away on the internet. But being borderline is difficult and I find myself unable to be with me at times ad I try to get in the drama and be liked by everyone without them knowing who I really am but when it comes down to it I am not me when I am with them. I wish I really knew who I was whatI liked and soon and so forth. I wish I was somebody who people liked without having to become what everyone else is or who everyone else wants me to act like.


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