>what i need to do this for

i am starting this blog to work through my childhood secrets and expose my past to others and maybe help them gain some hope from it all. This blog is not to gain criticism and more pain but to hopefully be able to let go of some of my shame, pain, hurt, and guilt. This is a difficult step for me in my life and I am hoping to really be able to work through alot of this stuff and get something from it all. I know that with exposure brings more pain before the peace will come and sometimnes that is scary. For me this is not the first tim e I have tried to work through this stuff in life and I am sure it is not the last time but I hope it will help me and I will stick with it long enough for me to gain the strength others in the world have by letting the secrets out and working through the pain that I have run from and avoided for so many yearsd. I am in therapy but never really have dealt with any of it I also am hoping to really do some work with my therapist on this stuff over the next few months while I ma not taking any classes this summer and I am taking a retreat and going to be camping in my friends yard in the middle of nature. I am hoping all this will help me find some inner peace and maybe some confidence in myself and in life.


3 thoughts on “>what i need to do this for

  1. >I read why you started this blog and I just want to tell you. You have NOTHING to be ashamed of. Don’t run from your past but don’t hold onto guilt and shame either. You did nothing wrong. Just remember not to hold onto anger and bitterness it will get you no where in life. Once you let go of the shame you and talk freely and realize you have nothing to hide unlike what you may have been told as a child.


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