New things

>I am learning new things withi life currently I am working on learning HTML andtying new stuff out on the WEB like this blogger thingy. I alo have several acounts on differen socia neworking websites that Iam currently working on ad have written on them for a few years now. I am learning to creat my own webpage and build a wbit. I someday want to on my own compute business out of my home. I am in the procss of mkin some changes in my life and trying to learn who I am an what I like since I have alwys trid to be who I think others want me to be and do what they wanted me to do or what beleived others wante me to do. I have ha an interest in pc reapair for such a long time andhave taught myslf most of the basic stuff. I also can pretty much build one and do some of the somftware and pogrammng stuff. Now I a trying to learn the basics and stuff like that with web development. I used to like to draw but now it seems I can not do it. I like to write but seem to have hit major blockage now when I try to write.


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