Guess This Will Be My Introduction

>Lately things have not been going that bad since life has been worse than this. I am just finishing up my 3rd semester at the local community college and do pretty well with school even though I feel I do not do as great as I should I do bette rthan I expected I would do when I first thought about going. Every semester so far I have changed my mind on what I want ot be when I grow up and have changed my program of study.

I am not sure who I really am and what i really want to do with my life although I have some ideas and interest but not really sure some of it I can handle emotionally although I try my hardest to do it now anyways. Then the other thing is just an interest and maybe someday will help me get somewhere in life.

Right now I am still struggling to manage life so because of my instability things change with me often. Life is forever changing for me and at times is more stable than it is unstable althought then there are a great many times when it is unstable more than stable but I am a work in progress and am learning to creat the life I desire. No one is going to give me what I want in life and I am sure not going to just get it handed to me since life has not been handed to me so far. I have had to fight for the life I have now and am now beginningf to build the life I want to have. So to the new beginning and all the endings that has happened so far in my life I dedicate this blog.


One thought on “Guess This Will Be My Introduction

  1. >It's really great that despite your struggles you're willing to stand up and fight for the life you want.It's never too late, so don't give up hope. You only live once. ♥Thanks for following me.


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